Video Encryption, Player, Watermarking and Conferencing for WordPress.

Video Encryption 1

Offering Features

Video Encryption 2

WP Integrated

Encrypt videos right from your WP Media library.

WP Plugin

VideoEncrypt WP plugin enables encryption right in the WP interface.
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Video Encryption 3

Secure Videos

Encrypt videos with AES industry standard.

Encrypted Steam

Videos are converted into an encrypted steam, also optimised for mobile.
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Video Encryption 4


Watermark your videos with your logo.

Pay on Demand

Add water mark to your videos and encrypt as a one time , pay on demand service.
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Video Encryption 5


Affordable video conferencing which is also optimised.

Pay per minutes

Purchase minutes and pay only for the time video conferencing is in use.
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Encrption Quota

Video encryption 1Gb
$ 10
Per GB
  • Provides 1GB encryption quota

Meetings Minutes

600 Minutes of VideoConferencing
$ 10
600 min
  • Provides 600min of meeting time for meeting