Video Encryption, Player, Watermarking and Conferencing for WordPress.

Offering Features

WP Integrated

Encrypt videos right from your WP Media library.

WP Plugin

VideoEncrypt WP plugin enables encryption right in the WP interface.
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Secure Videos

Encrypt videos with AES industry standard.

Encrypted Steam

Videos are converted into an encrypted steam, also optimised for mobile.
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Watermark your videos with your logo.

Pay on Demand

Add water mark to your videos and encrypt as a one time , pay on demand service.
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Affordable video conferencing which is also optimised.

Pay per minutes

Purchase minutes and pay only for the time video conferencing is in use.
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Encrption Quota

Video encryption 1Gb
$ 10
Per GB
  • Provides 1GB encryption quota

Meetings Minutes

600 Minutes of VideoConferencing
$ 10
600 min
  • Provides 600min of meeting time for meeting