The objective of VideoEncrypt.com is to provide a platform for integrated and affordable Video encryption and conferencing service.

The Idea & Inspiration

While there are remarkable open source solutions for both Video encryption and conferencing needs. The internet is full of pricier options which are not affordable for micro-requirements.

If you want to protect your videos then you’re required to host your videos on a third party site. If there is a requirement of few minutes of VideoConferencing there is no solution which covers this, you’re either forced to buy into a membership or go with third party software based system.

VideoEncrypt is an attempt to break this traditional barrier.


Integration with the most popular CMS : WordPress

VideoEncryption is available right in the WP Media popup. Learn more >

Pricing Model : Pay for encrypted video size, it is a one time payment for 1 video and you get a secure encrypted video in your WordPress media panel.

Who are we ?

We are VibeThemes. Power Elite author at Themeforest.net ( link ). Creators of the most advanced Learning management system for WordPress : WPLMS

For any queries, contact us at [email protected]

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