Better Video Conferencing Solutions During COVID Pandemic

Globally, Coronavirus continues to spread and is affecting the working of people and organizations.

Organizations are adopting work from home for the safety of their employees during COVID-19.

Staying connected with teammates and other members of the organization has become a major concern.

Video conferencing is the best solution during this pandemic solution to stay connected within the organization.

In this article, we will discuss the various parameters that can help you in understanding why VideoEncrypt conferencing is better than any other conferencing software.

Better Communication

Better communication always plays an important role in the growth of an organization. There are many apps and websites for instant messaging, chats, video calls, and conference calls. But using different apps and websites for communication can be a tough task while working. This can reduce the performance and productivity of your employees. 

VideoEncrypt conferencing software easily collaborates with your team and distributed members team easier than ever before. It provides all in one solution of video conferencing, one-to-one video calling, audio conferencing, group messages, private chats, under one roof. This gives your organization a better way to connect.

Tracks Employees Performance

Managing the performance of every employee while working from home in the organization has been made easier with the video conferencing. You can easily watch the performance of the employees by watching their screen on the VideoEncrypt conferencing software

Every employee can easily share their screen in order to showcase their contribution while on the team. Video conferencing tools also keep track of the employee’s data about their participation, time spent, their usage, and more while in the conferencing.

Manage Media Content  

Managing the organization’s work during this pandemic situation is very difficult for the employees while working from home. Our video conferencing allows you to share multimedia files like- images, videos, GIFs, etc. while conferencing.

As an organizer, you can easily manage and limit access to your shared multimedia content. Thus our video conferencing solution can help you in managing and sharing your media content among the employees while working from home.

Easy Scheduling

Always choose a video conferencing that is easy to schedule. VideoEncrypt allows you to schedule a video conference by a simple private link. A host can easily invite team members or employees by sending a private link to them. You can easily sync your upcoming conferencing call with the digital calendar of your system.

Your meeting or video conferencing is fully secure and can’t be recorded by any pirated eye or hacker. We use a highly secure AES- 128 encryption to secure your meeting. So you don’t have to worry while scheduling your video conference with the employees.

Record Your Live Conferencing

Recording your live conferencing can help you in various ways. If someone from the team doesn’t attend the meeting then they can view the recorded meeting at a later time. This will help them in knowing the discussed points and decisions in the meeting. 

The best thing about VideoEncrypt conferencing software is that you can record your live conferencing in just a click. Our better conferencing software creates a video file of the recorded meetings on the local disk of your system instead of web storage.


This situation of COVID-19 has interrupted the way of living of the people and working across organizations all over the world. We at VideoEncrypt are trying harder to help you in managing your daily work and putting the team closer to success while working from home. To know more about us you can contact us at [email protected] or comment below to get in touch. You can also check the

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