How To Engage Your Audiences Through Interactive Live Conferencing

Do you want to engage your audience for a longer time?

Interactive live conferencing offers you more engagement with audiences, creates the impression of your brand, and provides a better experience to your audience.

Hosting interactive live conferencing using modern platforms is a way to engage your audience as well as boosts your business.

In this article, we at VideoEncrypt will discuss the interactive live conferencing and the ways through which you can host your interactive live conferencing.

What Is Interactive Live Conferencing? 

Similar to live video streaming, interactive live streaming is a way to engage your audience. Interactive live conferencing technology influences your audience in real-time and your audiences can react to your live conference as well as they can comment on their reactions on your live conferencing. 

Interactive conferencing not only influence your audiences but they also keep them engaged for a longer time by allowing them to do various interactivity while being in the video conference.

Ways To Use Interactive Live Conferencing

Hosting interactive live conferencing is a way to grow your brand and businesses on a large scale. Analyzing the proper market condition and taking on account the demand and need of today’s audience can help you in hosting a live conferencing for your audiences. Along with the various features of the interactive conferencing, it allows your audience to interact with you. Audiences can express their feelings, reactions, and feedback for your conference in real-time.

Although, there are various ways for which interactive conferencing can be used. Here we discuss the three main ways for which an interactive live conferencing can be used.

Motivate Your Audience

Whether you’re an online trainer, course developer, or online influencer, motivating your audience always works in the growth of your business. When you will use an interactive conferencing system for interacting with the audience then there are more chances that they will engage with your conference and will listen to you.

Many eLearning course developers and online trainers are using interactive conferences for their audiences to motivate their audiences. It boosts their interaction with the target audience as they can ask questions in real-time which adds more value to them.

Promotion Of Products

Interactive conferencing platforms are highly engaging in nature that can expand the reach of your online presence among the audience. Promoting your product and services using interactive conferencing can increase your reach and spark interest among the audiences. 

Determine your target audience and create compelling content so that it could deliver all the features and benefits of your product and services. You can also record your promotion to make it available for the promotion on the different platforms. You can also redistribute its copy and make it available on-demand.

Q&A Session

With the interactive live conferencing, you can easily host a Q&A session for your audience. A live Q&A session makes your conference interesting for your audience and adds more value to your business. Q&A session is based and tailored according to the interests and needs of the audience so it boosts the level of interaction with your target audience.

As a host, you can resolve the query and problem of your audience in real-time. Taking questions from the comments of the audience and starting a discussion can be extremely helpful for them. These questions will help you in making your product and services better. 


I hope this article has helped you in determining the aspects of an interactive live conferencing software. Anyone can easily use this conferencing system to increase their business and brand value. It can increase your sales and can bring the maximum ROI. We at VideoEncrypt provide you interactive conferencing software as well as provide encryption to secure your videos.

How To Promote Your Sales Growth Using Webinar

Promoting your products and services among audiences is the key factor for sales growth.

Webinars are highly engaging as they can engage audiences for a longer time.

Webinars drive sales and it is one of the best ways to generate quality leads.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use a live webinar to promote your sales growth.

How Webinar Promotes Sales Growth

Webinars are a dynamic and effective way to bring your team closer from the leadership panel discussions to the weekly live demonstration. In every prospect of your business, webinar plays an important role in making your business successful.

With each webinar, you can collect data of the audiences, their rate of engagement, and level of interest. With tons of information about your audiences, you can use it to identify quality and sales-ready leads. This will help you and your team to initiate personalized outreach to potential customers.

Generate Ideas, Topics, And Contents

When it comes to building a successful webinar strategy, you and your sales teams have to generate ideas on how to promote sales growth. Always choose topics of your webinar based on the research of your marketing team to generate more engagement and drive more sales. If the marketing team is creating content that is not meeting the desired target of the sales then it’s time for proper research in the market.

If your sales and marketing team is coming up with the ideas and topic of your webinar then create compelling content on the topics and implement it in the live webinar. This will help you in converting your audiences into leads.

Prepare Strategy For Your Webinar

Preparing a strategy for your webinar will help you in hosting a live webinar successfully.

If you’re hosting a discussion-style webinar then plan for a speaker and try to collect some questions based on the topic and content of the webinar. This will help you in answering the queries of the audience.

If you are planning for a live Q&A session then you have to focus on the various problems that are faced by your customer with the product and services. You have to be prepared to answer all the questions in such a way that it can favor your brand.

If you are about to promote or launch a new product under your brand then webinar is a way to launch your product at a global platform. You can create a presentation based on your product. The presentation will emphasize your points about the product and will help you in driving sales growth.

Choose The Right Time And Day

Choosing the right time and day for your live webinar is not a tough task. You only have to consider the countries and places where you want to host your live webinar. This will help in selecting the right time and day for your webinar. Consider the time zone and day according to the particular location.

If you want to host your live webinar for a selected location then select a proper time accordingly so that it doesn’t collide with the working hours of your audiences and consider week-off days so that maximum audiences can join your live webinar.

Advertise For Your Webinar

Promoting and advertising your webinar on different platforms is a way to engage more audiences for the live webinar. You can also create a landing page where your audiences can sign up for your webinar and distribute it and promote it on social media and in various search engines.

You can promote your live webinar by posting the exact time and day on your website. You can also send emails to your existing customer and subscriber for the live webinar. This will help in increasing the sales growth of your organization. Don’t forget to set up an automated email to notify all the audience on the day of the live webinar.

Host Your Webinar

Now, you are all set. All you have to do is to present yourself, your brand, and your product. It’s all up to you to focus on how you can keep them engaged through your content to make your webinar a huge success. Make them aware of your product so that they consider your product for sure. This way a live webinar can make your organizational sales growth higher.

How To protect Your live Streaming videos

Delivering a secure and protected live streaming and on-demand video content is still a dream for many creators and developers.

Unauthorized access can decrease the revenue of your live subscription and pay-per-view services.

Live streaming and on-demand videos involve sensitive and private data. Protection is the key to secure your live streaming videos.

Our secure video streaming software integrates with a number of tools and offers security and encryption to your live streaming videos.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways to secure your live streaming videos.

Secure Streaming With VideoEncrypt

Our secure software protects your live video streaming from the unwanted threats from being copied or recorded. It integrates seamlessly with a number of approved DRM providers and provides encrypted video streaming. Let’s dive in to see in detail the various ways to protect your live streaming videos.

Password Protected Streaming 

You can protect your live streaming by restricting access with a username and password. Source authentication prevents your live streaming from unauthorized users to access your live streaming. from streaming to your server. You can easily configure the credentials in the streaming engine manager.

User Authentication For Source Connection

Source authentication provides a secure connection to your live streaming videos. You can use username and password credentials in the origin server by requiring the source encoder. Source protection allows you to place restrictions on RTMP- and RTSP-based encoder connection. It helps your live streaming videos to publish from specific IP addresses. This prevents unauthorized computers from streaming your live streaming videos.

Restrict Stream Playback

Our encrypted software provides a number of security measures to restrict access to your content. It protects your live streaming videos against unwanted publishing and encrypts through the HTTP-based streaming data. Your every live streaming is protected by a random single-use key and a password. This secure algorithm and customizable security parameters help your audience in accessing your stream without any spoofing threats.

Encrypted HTTP Connections

Encrypted HTTP connection with the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with the token-based authentication secures your live streaming videos. It encrypts your live streaming data via a secure connection and protects your streaming from intercepting from the third parties. As streaming moves through the network, encrypted HTTPS connections secure your streaming throughout the streaming.

Token Authorization

Token authorization means delivering your live streaming videos to only authorized users. This means that only registered users or the users who have paid for watching your live streaming can access your content. This prevents link sharing by only providing tokens to approved users. VideoEncrypt generates unique URLs for each playback request and it expires after an allotted time interval. This way token authorization helps you in protecting your live streaming by allowing only limited viewers to access your streaming videos.

Geographical Restriction

Geographical restricting means blocking specific regions or countries where you don’t want your live videos to be streamed. Using this feature you can restrict their access to your live streaming videos. This will automatically block unauthorized viewers from accessing your content. VideoEncrypt provides you features in the encryption software to blacklist and the ability to blacklist and whitelist the specific IP address and locations to approve or access your live streaming.


I hope this article will help you in protecting your live streaming videos. Layering several security measures to your digital content and live streaming videos provides more protection against piracy, hacking, and other cyberattacks.

We at VideoEncrypt offer security to your digital content at every step of the workflow whether it is live, on-demand, or regular web videos. From encryption to token authentication, we secure your premium content delivery by maintaining the DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Do’s And Don’ts To Make Your Video Conferencing Calls Successful

We are all going through a tough situation. Workplaces and teams are now working remotely.

Video conferencing calls are being organized for the meetings and get-together of the teams.

Maintaining your presence is not enough, you have to follow some rules to make your video conferencing successful.

In this article, we will learn how to navigate, what to do, and not to do while being on the video conference.

Choose A Dedicated Space

Select a dedicated space in your home and adjust your system and other hardware devices like- camera, headphones, speakers, etc. to experience office-like space while working from home. make your family members know beforehand to minimize interruptions.

Set up your device or camera so that it can provide a clear and concise view of you. If you’re using a separate camera then place it near your screen so that when you are looking at the screen, it appears that you are participating in the video conference.

Keep Yourself Maintain

When it comes to video conferencing, you have to maintain office-like culture while working from home, Dress like you are in-person meeting and make sure to follow your workplace’s dress code. Keep yourself well-groomed so that it can have a positive effect on the other participants.

If you will keep yourself maintained while working then it will motivate other members within the organization. Keeping your background view nice and not wearing shiny clothes will showcase on the camera better. 

Start Earlier

Starting early is always a great start. If you are not familiar with the software that your host is using then it will help you in understanding all functions of the video conferencing software. Giving yourself extra minutes before starting the conference call will help you in easy interaction without getting confused.

Starting early makes sure that all the connected devices are working properly or not. Whether the camera, headphones, and mic are working properly. It helps you in starting error-free video conferencing calls. 

Be Attentive And Focused

Staying focused and attentive is the key rule for the success of any work. So when you are in the video conference call avoid doing other official work. Always look into the camera when you’re speaking and presenting your presentation or sharing your screen.

If your presentation is over then don’t leave the conference and listen to the other members. This will motivate the other in presenting their presentation and sharing their screens when you will pay attention during the video conferencing.

Right Time To Turn ON/OFF Audio And Vide

During in-person meetings, you can easily wait for your turn for asking any query related to the project and the presentation. But the whole scenario is different for the video conferencing. You can ask questions with the text message that will not disturb the presenter while speaking.    

Try to mute the video conference when you are not speaking because the microphone can pick up a lot of background noise. It will also help you in listening clearly. If you need to get up or move around during the conference call then switch off your video to avoid any kind of distraction distractions to the other participants.


Now you have come across the idea that you should maintain while being at the video conferencing calls. Following these rules will make your video conferencing more successful. Always remember you are more visible on video calls than in offline meetings. So keep communicating with each other while being on the video conference call and meetings. For best video call conferencing you can use WPLMS appointments and Videoencrypt server. These are helpful for online meetings.

Tips To Improve Your Virtual Presentation On Video Conference

Virtual presentations are rapidly becoming the norm in our day-to-day professional lives.

It acts as a useful sales tool that improves the engagement of the audiences and clients.

An engaging virtual presentation attracts more audiences and provides you maximum ROI. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the important tips to present your virtual presentation while being on the video conference.

Keep Your Content Short 

Good content is always appreciated so try to keep your content short and simple. While being on the video conference, give a concise and straightforward presentation so that it can attract your client and customer.

Creating compelling visuals and good content make your presentation better. Great visual slide enhances your audience to take action and keep them interested in your presentation. Talk about the benefits of your products and services, overcome objections to make it easy for your audience to get involved.

Make Your Presentation Engaging

Audiences viewing your virtual presentations get easily distracted than a typical meeting. There is a huge difference between giving a presentation in the office conference room and on the live video conferencing. The audience in the office conference room doesn’t get easily distracted while the audience on the video conference keep themselves indulged in various activities.

Therefore, creating an engaging presentation can easily keep them focused and connected with you. You can use interactive images and graphics to make your presentation more engaging and interesting.

Close Unnecessary Tabs

After completing a compelling content, now it’s time to create an effective environment so that the audiences can easily interact with your presentation. The first few moments of your presentation are enough to impress your client or customer. Thus closing all your unnecessary tabs will create a good impression on the viewer’s mind.

Having so many tabs opened can distract the mind of the viewers and no one wants to enjoy watching a presentation on the scrambled desktop. It can share your sensitive and personal data inadvertently. Thus it can lead to the break flow of your presentation.

Test Your Equipment

Keeping an eye on the software and hardware of the conferencing software whether it is working or not working properly will help you in giving an error-free presentation. If you gave your virtual presentation without knowing that the content wasn’t showing on the screen of the audience then it is very embarrassing and they will easily avoid your presentation.

Before giving your virtual presentation, make sure to test your mic, camera, internet connection, speakers, and connecting cables. If possible try to go live before the scheduled day to check the working and performance of the whole setup. This will help you in fixing the error and helps you in delivering a good presentation.

Record Your Presentation 

Recording your live presentation is always worth it for you. Depending on the audience’s demand, you can make it available at an instant of time. In fact, you and your client can rewatch the presentation to get some of the crucial details of your presentation.

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you to record and share your presentations. It basically creates a video file of the recorded presentation on your local disk. You can also share the link to the recording with your audiences and clients.


I hope this article will help you in giving a good virtual presentation. Implementing the above-discussed parameters can make your virtual presentation a huge success. If you are looking for better video conferencing software that can allow you to share your presentation with the audiences then contact us at or comment below. Check also WPLMS appointments for video call meeting.

Watermarking: Secure Your Digital Content

Do you want to secure all your digital content?

Watermarking is a way to secure your digital content by adding your signature, ownership text, brand logo on the images, videos, PDFs, and Docs.

Today, VideoEncrypt will help you in securing your different types of digital content from unwanted threats.

Secure Your Digital Contents

Nowadays, content creators are more worried about their digital content over the web and want to secure their digital content at any cost. Watermarking is the most suitable and easy method to secure your digital content. You can resize and adjust the transparency level of your logo to make it unobtrusive so that it can’t interfere with your digital content.

Watermarking means placing a visible embedded overlay on your digital content consisting of text, logo, symbol, brand name, etc. to mark your copyright over your content. This way watermarking your digital content helps you in identifying that the content belongs to you.

Image Watermark

Images are easily copied and used by others to promote their product and services. Watermarking your images makes it difficult for someone to use your image without permission. It is generally placed at the corner of the image but you can place it anywhere across the photo.

Image watermarking means embedding a text or logo on your image to claim the ownership of the image. Watermarking helps you in marking reviews of your images across the web and ensures that they are not used in any other work by unauthorized users.

PDF & Docs Watermarking

Watermarking is the most effective way to protect your valuable PDFs and documents files that contain your confidential and valuable information. Watermarking your valuable digital files and documents easily clarifies the identity of the ownership and offers you better traceability against unauthorized access.

It can help you in maintaining your ownership of your documents and files and even if the document is shared, copied, or used without your permission then watermark shows the real owner and helps you in identifying the source of unauthorized access.

Video Watermark 

Videos are the most copied or unauthorized used digital contents by unwanted threats. It can be easily copied and is used to promote others’ brands and services. So it becomes very necessary to protect your videos. Watermarking your video is the easiest way to protect your video from copying and unauthorized uses. 

Watermarking your videos maintains the uniqueness of your video and denotes that you are the real owner of this video. It helps in creating a brand reputation through the logo or name embedded in the videos when the audience watches it on every ad, social site, and across the video platform.

Live Streaming Watermarking

From online courses to feature live video streaming, unwanted threads are everywhere. While being on live streaming it is essential to protect your streaming videos to avoid the loss of content that can reduce your financial income.

VideoEncrypt watermarking software protects your live streaming videos with non-removable, personalized, and visual watermarks. Our watermarking software eradicates the risk of illegal use of your content and also prevents it from unauthorized sharing and makes your streaming safe. 


I hope you have come across the idea that you can secure every type of digital content. It is a helpful tool for adding logos, credits, brand name to your digital content libraries and discourage its unauthorized use. Thus watermarking makes it more difficult for those who claim someone else digital content as their own.

VideoEncrypt empowers you to upload your watermark logo or symbol to make it more personal. You can easily change the position of the watermark to ensure you fit and adjust the transparency level so that it doesn’t cover your important contents.

Watermarking: Get Started With VideoEncrypt To Promote Your Brand

(Watermarking) “Every brand and company is trying its best to be unique through the images and videos using ads, video platforms, and social sites.”

Maintaining this uniqueness for a long time is a tough task as your images and video can be easily stolen, pirated, or copied by the unwanted source.

Adding watermarks to your images and videos can avoid unauthorized use and promotes your brand and company. 

In this article, VideoEncrypt will help you in getting started with its watermarking software and how it maintains your brand uniqueness and promotes your brand.

How To Get Started With Watermark

VideoEncrypt allows you to create a watermark for videos in seconds.  We provide several options for watermarking your images and video and live streaming videos. You can use your brand logo, image, or other icons as a watermark for your content. You can also use simple, plain, or a designed text for watermarking of your images and videos.

Upload Your Logo

VideoEncrypt watermarking is easy to use. It doesn’t require any skills or a professional to use our watermarking software. You can choose a custom logo from the gallery or you can upload your designed logo for watermarking your content. It consists of a simple two-step process:-

  1. Go to the Design icon from the toolbar.
  2. Click UPLOAD to add your logo. 

After successful uploading of your logo, you can use it in watermarking for your images, videos, and live streaming videos.

Adjust Size And Transparency

We provide great flexibility while placing your watermark logo to digital content. You can adjust the position, size, and transparency of your watermark or logo effortlessly. Use the tools from the slider bar to adjust the size of your logo, transparency level of your logo on the images and videos.

Position Your Logo

With the ease of adjusting the size and transparency level of your logo. Our watermarking software allows you to place your logo or watermark on any of the four corners of the content. You can adjust the watermarking by using the positioning tool to move it around.  until you find the best fit.

How Watermarking Promotes Your Brand

Videos and images are made to be shared across the various platforms to promote your brand and maintain its uniqueness. Placing a logo or watermark on the video and images helps audiences in determining the real owner of the videos or images. In simple words, we can say that the video or images are copyrighted by your brand and can not be stolen or copied by unwanted threads. 

Placing a copyright logo and signature helps your viewers in engaging more. Whenever images and videos are re-shared by the viewers then it promotes your brand along with it. It delivers a positive effect on the minds of the viewers and helps in remembering your brand name.

Build Brand Authority

Adding your watermark to videos can help the viewers in determining the real owner of the video and images. When they find the same brand logo or watermark on the different videos, ads, and images then they take more interest toward your brand. This will help viewers in identifying your brand name and will build trust among them.

Maintain Professionalism

Watermarking makes your images and video content look more professional. It doesn’t affect the uniqueness of your videos and images. Place your watermark on the bottom right or bottom left of your videos and images to give a more professional look to your brand. You can use plain and simple watermarks, designed text watermarks, images, other icons as your logo or watermark to maintain your professionalism among the audiences.

Stand Out During Ads

Even if viewers have their sound turned off, they’ll still be able to associate your ads with your brand, thanks to your watermark. You’ll have a distinct advantage over your competitors who aren’t using watermarks in their videos.

Better Video Conferencing Solutions During COVID Pandemic

Globally, Coronavirus continues to spread and is affecting the working of people and organizations.

Organizations are adopting work from home for the safety of their employees during COVID-19.

Staying connected with teammates and other members of the organization has become a major concern.

Video conferencing is the best solution during this pandemic solution to stay connected within the organization.

In this article, we will discuss the various parameters that can help you in understanding why VideoEncrypt conferencing is better than any other conferencing software.

Better Communication

Better communication always plays an important role in the growth of an organization. There are many apps and websites for instant messaging, chats, video calls, and conference calls. But using different apps and websites for communication can be a tough task while working. This can reduce the performance and productivity of your employees. 

VideoEncrypt conferencing software easily collaborates with your team and distributed members team easier than ever before. It provides all in one solution of video conferencing, one-to-one video calling, audio conferencing, group messages, private chats, under one roof. This gives your organization a better way to connect.

Tracks Employees Performance

Managing the performance of every employee while working from home in the organization has been made easier with the video conferencing. You can easily watch the performance of the employees by watching their screen on the VideoEncrypt conferencing software

Every employee can easily share their screen in order to showcase their contribution while on the team. Video conferencing tools also keep track of the employee’s data about their participation, time spent, their usage, and more while in the conferencing.

Manage Media Content  

Managing the organization’s work during this pandemic situation is very difficult for the employees while working from home. Our video conferencing allows you to share multimedia files like- images, videos, GIFs, etc. while conferencing.

As an organizer, you can easily manage and limit access to your shared multimedia content. Thus our video conferencing solution can help you in managing and sharing your media content among the employees while working from home.

Easy Scheduling

Always choose a video conferencing that is easy to schedule. VideoEncrypt allows you to schedule a video conference by a simple private link. A host can easily invite team members or employees by sending a private link to them. You can easily sync your upcoming conferencing call with the digital calendar of your system.

Your meeting or video conferencing is fully secure and can’t be recorded by any pirated eye or hacker. We use a highly secure AES- 128 encryption to secure your meeting. So you don’t have to worry while scheduling your video conference with the employees.

Record Your Live Conferencing

Recording your live conferencing can help you in various ways. If someone from the team doesn’t attend the meeting then they can view the recorded meeting at a later time. This will help them in knowing the discussed points and decisions in the meeting. 

The best thing about VideoEncrypt conferencing software is that you can record your live conferencing in just a click. Our better conferencing software creates a video file of the recorded meetings on the local disk of your system instead of web storage.


This situation of COVID-19 has interrupted the way of living of the people and working across organizations all over the world. We at VideoEncrypt are trying harder to help you in managing your daily work and putting the team closer to success while working from home. To know more about us you can contact us at or comment below to get in touch. You can also check the

Video Conferencing: Seven Practices To Hangout With VideoEncrypt

Nothing can beat face-to-face video conferencing to bring your team closer.

A secure video conferencing is a top priority for today’s businesses and organizations.

VideoEncrypt provides you a range of options for its users to manage privacy and security and offers a flexible online video conferencing.

Encrypted Video Conferencing 

The VideoEncrypt Video conferencing system provides you secure and encrypted video, audio, presentation in every call. Encryption of your video calls cannot be disabled by the administrator or any user. We secure your conferencing using HLS AES-128 encryption.

We offer you encrypted video conferencing by default and you are not required to do anything to encrypt your conferencing calls.

Password Protected Conferencing

We know the value of your important data and meetings. As an Organizer, you can create a safe and secure video conferencing and meeting with the clients and team members. You can secure your conferencing through a password-protected key.

A password-protected video conferencing protects your valuable meetings and can’t be easily hacked. Your attendees will require to enter the secret password key in order to join the meeting.

Manage your Media Contents

VideoEncrypt conferencing software offers you an integrated platform so that you can easily share your multimedia files like- images, videos, GIFs, etc. while conferencing. We are committed to protecting the digital content you share while conferencing.  

We provide full control to the organizer to manage the security and content sharing settings. As an organizer, you can easily manage the access to files and media contents limited to the specific people while being in the video conferencing.

Instant Chats

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you an instant chat with the attendees. You can chat publicly to all the members while discussing being on the video conferencing. Attendees can also chat with any other attendees without disturbing the conference.   

Your instant chats are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed by any other member. We are keen on providing you the best user experience so that your participants can easily engage in the conference.

Screen Sharing 

Whether you are a teacher, an online trainer or a corporate manager and looking for video conferencing software so that you can share your screen with the attendees to explain some complicated tasks. You are at the right place. 

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you to share your screen with the attendees. As an organizer, you can also watch the screen of the attendees just by allowing them to share their screen.

Easily Cam Sharing 

Here is some good news!! VideoEncrypt video conferencing software allows you to easily share the cam of the attendees. An unlimited number of participants can join the conference at the same time and at the same time they can share their cam easily.

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows easy access to the cam of an unlimited number of users. Therefore it is becoming a topmost choice of the many organizers.

Record Your Conferencing

Almost every video conferencing software provides you this recording feature so that you can record your live session and can keep it as a record. Many companies will require you to purchase web storage to store your recorded conference.

The best thing about VideoEncrypt conferencing software is that it uses your system storage memory instead of web storage to store your recorded conference. It creates a video file of your meetings on the local disk of the system.  


Now you have across the various features of our video conferencing software. Instead of confusing with the different conferencing software available in the market. VideoEncrypt conferencing and meeting solutions make you stand out from the crowd. 
To know more about our conferencing software and how it works, you can contact us at or comment below.

Working From Home? How To Remain Productive During Conference Call

With the spread of COVID-19, almost every organization has made it mandatory to work from home

The sudden change in employee’s working and their way of communicating with the teams has become a challenging task.

In this blog, we will figure out how to stay focused and productive in a distracting work environment while working from home.

Choose A Dedicated WorkSpace

Choose a permanent place in your house, if possible select a separate room to create a workspace for your daily work. This is the best way to keep your work and home lives separate. If you are a bachelor and sharing a room with your roommates then find a quiet or a silent corner to remain productive during a conference call.

Set rules and boundaries for the members who live in your home or for your roommates about what they can and cannot do while you work. This will help you in finding a high productivity level while being at a video conference call.

Disable Notifications

During working hours always try to put your phone in silent mode. This will help you in putting attention toward your work. If possible try to put your phone on flight mode to avoid hindrance while being at the conference. You don’t need WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and other social media messaging platforms while working as these create a sense of irresponsibility.

Secure Internet Connection

A secure internet connection makes your work more effective and productive while working from home. A high bandwidth internet connection helps to stay connected on video conferencing calls. Take into account the other devices that are accessing the internet at the same time. These connected devices can reduce the speed of your internet connection. Thus a secure internet connection is very important to stay connected.

Quality Conferencing Calls

Video conferencing software helps you in staying connected with your team and organization from home working space. Face-to-face interaction among the team members improves the productivity level of the employees. You can easily connect through video calls and create a conference from any smart device or laptop.  partners and coworkers.  

We at VideoEncrypt provide you the software for quality video conferencing calls. You can create a conference call by inviting an unlimited number of users. Our aim is to provide the best experience for your virtual meetings.

In-Built Chat Tool

Instant messaging apps like- Slack is great for quick conversations to stay connected with your team throughout the working. You can also send texts, GIFs, and videos to make other employees more productive. You can also create groups and channels of employees to work together on specific tasks and projects.

While in video conferencing calls you have to switch in between to send messages to other employees. Therefore, we at VideoEncrypt provide you an inbuilt text-based chatting tool in the video conferencing software to increase the productivity of the employees.

Take Scheduled Breaks  

Working regularly throughout the day can have adverse effects on the physical as well as mental health. So it’s become important to take breaks to continue the conferencing calls and your working time. Take a dedicated 30 minutes or one-hour lunch break when the conference is over to keep your mind fresh. Spending time with your family and friends can increase the productivity of working life. 


I hope this blog has provided you an insight into staying productive during the conference. Try to maintain a regular work routine just like you were going to the office every day. This will help you in maintaining your productivity during working from home.

We at VideoEncrypt make your conference calls more effective so that it can improve the engagement level of the employees and increase their productivity while working from home.