Why Use VideoEncrypt For Your Video Conferencing Call

Are you looking for a better video conferencing call software?

VideoEncrypt conferencing software is built and designed to provide a better user experience. 

It delivers an unmatched and unique meeting experience that you can trust to work every time.

In this blog, we will help you in discovering why VideoEncrypt is the most suited video conferencing call software for your organization.

Start Your Conferencing With VideoEncrypt

In a short duration of time, VideoEncrypt has emerged as a leader in providing video conferencing software, live webinar software, securing your online videos and watermarking. At VideoEncrypt everything is built and designed to meet the needs of the users. We aim to deliver the best user experience from day one.

Ease of use

Video conferencing call software mostly attracts users when it is easy to use. Choosing a software solution that can provide you the ease of use is a very difficult task. VideoEncrypt conferencing software integrates with your employee’s system and provides them an easy way to connect with the organization.

Our video conferencing software integrates with your corporate directory easily and connects your employees in just a few clicks. It supports guests calling for meeting with customers and partners outside of your organization, too.

Optimize System Hardware And Software

VideoEncrypt video conferencing software easily optimizes your system hardware and software for a smooth operation of the conferencing calls. Integrating our software allows you and your teams to connect from anywhere, at any time with Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and all the leading browsers. Thus, we enable every device and every conference room with amazing video conferencing calls.

Wireless screen sharing

Screen sharing is one of the most important features of video conferencing. Screen sharing allows you to watch the present demo and presentation from any member. Therefore, it transforms your video call session into live working sessions. Thus, we can say that our video conferencing software promotes collaborative working sessions by sharing your screen or presentation.

Reliable Video Quality 

Reliable video quality has the ability to meet the business goals of an organization. That’s our video conferencing software that offers you high-quality video conferencing even when you have a slow internet connection. HD videos and perfectly tuned audio quality engage your employees better. It makes you feel that they are in the same conference room talking next to you.

Securely Connect With Team

Many organizations are worried about losing their valuable data and leakage of their conference videos. VideoEncrypt is independent of third-party security and privacy protection. It encrypts your video conferencing calls through HLS-128 encryption and ensures the most secure and reliable foundation possible for your organization. Your end-to-end video conferencing is generated through a unique link. 

Customer support

What will you do when an error occurs while hosting a conference call? What if something goes wrong during breaks? To stay connected continuously, VideoEncrypt provides you video conferencing software that is backed by the team of experts and provides you full support throughout the life of the service. So Choose a solution that will support you and make your meeting successful. 


I hope this blog has helped you in discovering that VideoEncrypt conferencing is a must-have software for your organization. Staying connected with your employees and teams grows your business. Our better customer support and unbelievable pricing provide you a platform that no can match.

We would like to hear from your side. Your opinion and comments encourage us to provide you more. To learn more about VideoEncrypt conferencing calls software and to book an appointment with our expert you can contact us at  info@videoencrypt.com and also check https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-appointments/

Tips For Online Tutors To Make Your Live Streaming Training Successful

Technology has transformed the world of education and the way of learning of the students. 

Many Tutors are using live webinars, online videos, and online classes to educate their students.

Beyond all these, live streaming is a powerful tool to keep your learners engaged.

In this blog, we will discuss the basic live streaming tips that will help you in making your event successful.

Create Good Content 

Good content is always regarded. A learner always wants to learn from you if you provide them quality content whether it is live streaming or regular online courses. Always create content that can meet the training expectations of the students and can engage more learners in live streaming.

While creating content always keep in mind that you have to present this on live streaming. You have to present in such a way that it should be in the camera view without distorting.

Must-Have Equipment

To make your live broadcasting successful, you need a camera and a microphone to match the quality of sound and video like a real classroom. Unlike many professionals, investing in a professional camera and recording equipment is not absolutely necessary in the educational live streaming event. We recommend that you invest in high-quality equipment.

Sometimes, while delivering live training you have to present a slideshow presentation for the learners and only your audio is necessary. Your broadcast should be of high quality because poor quality streaming will lose a student’s focus.

A Compelling Video Platform

Choosing a streaming platform is the most important part of live education broadcasting. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or old in delivering online training, always choose a streaming platform that is affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

Online video streaming platforms like- VideoEncrypt helps in streaming your live training in just a few steps. It comes with powerful streaming features such as- access to viewer numbers, monitoring, and analytics of the learners, duration of the learners, engagement rates of the learners, etc.

Good Internet Connection

A secure connection is basic and must need to continue your live streaming training. To deliver good training make sure that you have a good internet connection. A good connection makes your live streaming error-free without any interruptions. We recommend you a connection of minimum 1Mbps speed to deliver a high-quality stream.

A slow connection can be the cause of the interruption of your training. It can disengage your learners from live streaming. This can lead to demotivation for you and as well as for the learners.

A Good Video Encoder

A video encoder is a hardware device that compresses the size of your live streaming videos. There are two types of encoders- hardware and software that can stream your live event without buffering. It helps you in delivering a smooth live streaming training to the viewers who don’t have a strong internet connection.

It depends on your budget whether you choose encoding software or a hardware encoder, hardware encoders are more costly as compared to software encoders.


I hope this blog will help you in making your live streaming successful. Once you have created good content, set up all the equipment, set up your online video platform with an internet connection then it is time to start your live stream. Following these five steps will create the best live streaming training ever.

Interactive Video Platform: Make Your eLearning More Successful

Do you want to make your eLearning courses more popular among the learners?

Face-to-face interactions can increase the success of your eLearning programs.

An interactive video platform in your eLearning courses can make your eLearning courses more successful.

Today, at VideoEncrypt we will learn why you should adopt an interactive video platform to deliver your online courses.

Interactive Video Platform For Successful eLearning 

Traditional classroom courses are still dominating the learning world and are producing better results besides having an increase in technology and techniques for delivering eLearning courses.

Adopting different technologies in eLearning programs has greatly reduced this gap in the learning experience. Interactive video platforms have enhanced the learning experience as well as increased their engagement and retention with the courses.

Provides Content Easily

Including interactive video platforms to deliver your online courses helps you in providing content easily to the learners. As an online course designer, you can easily customize your video lectures and other materials of your relevant topic and to meet your learner’s goals and needs.

These video platforms help you in providing a different variety of educational videos. You may also include short videos featuring experts, authors, and scientists who share their views on the related topics to provide extra content to the learners.

Engage Your Learners

If you really want to engage your learners through your online courses then an interactive video platform is a must-have a key for you. It builds a sense of excitement through interactivity among the learners and keeps them engaged throughout the video.

With interactive video platforms, you can create a culture of learning among the learners. This way a right video platform allows you to create videos that are more engaging and generate interest in learning.

Provides On-Demand Videos

The interactive video platform allows you to provide your video content whenever a learner wants or needs it. VideoEncrypt interactive video platform can easily integrate your face-to-face training programs as well as deliver your on-demand videos to create a blended learning environment.

Our interactive video platform allows you to deliver on-demand videos at the fingertips of the learners. It provides videos at the convenience of the learners and boosts their efficiency.

Cost-Effective Learning

A video platform delivers your course videos instantly to the learners and they can easily access your videos. Therefore it reduces the overall cost of the learning. Even these platforms have also reduced the cost of travel, hotel bills, meals and reimbursements of the experts that you hire for a particular subject.

An interactive video platform uses cost-effective training solutions and cuts the unnecessary cost while creating videos for your online courses. Thus you can include video content of the experts to make your online courses more engaging and popular.

Interactive Learning

Interactive videos promote interactive learning. Interactive video platforms are powerful tools that help you in delivering videos to the learners. You can create various interactive videos using various graphics and images to engage learners for a longer time. 

Instead of simple video lectures, create interactive video courses that create fun and interest while learning. Thus an interactive video platform acts as a robust platform to engage your learners and maintain their level of interest.


I hope this article has helped you in understanding why we should use an interactive video platform. This will help you in meeting your organization’s goals to meet the learner’s needs. your business grows.

To grow your business we at VideoEncrypt provide you an interactive video platform to deliver your courses. You can easily integrate our platform with your existing Learning Management System (LMS). Thus you and your learners can enjoy a seamless experience.

How To Generate Quality Leads Using Webinars

Do you want to generate leads for your business?

Promoting your brands and products attract audiences and can generate quality leads using webinars.

Quality leads.

A Webinar is one way to promote your product and business to generate valuable leads.

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will learn how to generate quality leads using a webinar.

Generate Quality Leads Using Webinars

People are more attracted to products and brands when they see your advertisement everywhere. Creating a webinar is a way to connect with your audience to build trust among them. Using a webinar for marketing your product helps you in establishing a brand reputation in the market. It increases your business network and builds a marketing goal among the people.

Webinar engages your audience more than any other means of interaction with the people. Let’s see some of the important aspects that can help you in boosting lead generation.

How To Start Your Webinar

In this digital age, the webinar offers you to connect you globally at the minimum cost. You have to select a venue and install all the necessary equipment like- camera, microphones, earpiece, lights, etc. for a smooth operation. VideoEncrypt software for live webinar is the best for conducting a live webinar session.

Create a well-planned presentation to engage more audiences with your webinar. This will help you in identifying valuable audiences to generate quality leads using webinars.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audiences and maintaining their interest throughout the webinar is a way to make your webinar successful. The audiences who are willing to listen to you and engage with your webinar for a longer time can be easily converted into leads. 

A webinar can make ease of marketing effort by promoting your product and brand to encourage audiences for purchasing. Your webinar should be interesting while discussing and should provide value to audiences who are interacting with it.

Collaboration And Build Partnership

Webinars provide you an opportunity to have an expert or the other leader to co-host the event. You can collaborate with some leaders and experts in your field and invite them to your live event. Engaging your audiences with valuable information can build a brand reputation and trust.

Your live webinar can be a huge success when an expert shares their knowledge and puts insight into your product or brand. Thus collaborating and building a partnership with the experts can boost your sales growth.

Use Credentials To Generate Leads

You have successfully completed your advertisement goal when audiences register for your live webinar. Audiences who are providing their personal information and email address to sign up for your webinar and engage as well denotes their attraction toward your products or brand.

When they attend your live webinar, you can use their registered email address to send them a personalized message to purchase your product. Thus you can easily generate leads through the information provided by them and they will be more willing to pay for your products.


I hope that this article will help you in putting insight to generate leads from your live webinar. These ideas will ensure you in getting maximum viewers for your webinar. Keeping the same practice through the webinar will definitely attract more audiences and convert them into quality leads using webinars.

We at VideoEncrypt provide you the webinar conferencing software for your company. Its zero lagging features keep the audiences engaged throughout the webinar.

Conference Cancelled? How To Stay Connected During Quarantine Days

Does your event or meetings list continue to be canceled during quarantine days?

Many event organizers and professionals are going through hard times as the COVID-19 is hitting hard across the globe.  

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, many professionals are opting for web conferencing instead of canceling their meetings and events.

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will help you in staying connected to your meetings, events, and clients with our live conferencing software.

Stay Connected With Web Conferencing

Live video conferencing is an immersive tool that keeps you connected with your employees, customers, conference, and events. Virtual events have always been an effective way for event marketers to extend their reach and augment their in-person strategy.

Live video conferencing can provide you the best experience. It helps you in staying connected during quarantine days with one another. You can connect with the audiences who can not attend your in-person meetings and conferences. Let’s discuss some of the important aspects that will help you in staying connected during the quarantine days.

Create A FullProof Plan

Before creating a live video conference for your events and meetings make sure that you have a plan ahead and test everything. You can check all the equipment for the live conferencing by taking a trail. Create content that should align with the interests of your intended audience.

You can use Q&A to generate interest among the audience. You can also use live polls and graphics for the active participation of the audiences in your video conferencing. This will help you in promoting your brand awareness and will target prospective customers.

Invite Your Audience

It feels very disappointing when your events and meetings get canceled. But in this critical situation, we are here to help you with creating your video conference. After creating a successful plan, it’s your turn to invite your participants. You can use different marketing techniques to market your video conferencing.

Staying safe and keeping your audiences/participants safe is more important. Most attendees will appreciate your idea of video conferencing. You can invite them by just sharing information with them.

Expand Your Reach

Choosing the right video conferencing software helps you in deciding how your audience watches online and who you want to be able to see your stream. Web conferencing software like- VideoEncrypt allows you to place your live streaming conference on your website. 

Our video conferencing allows you to host private meetings and group events with secure access using password protection. If you want to target a huge audience by streaming a public event then it will work best for you. You can make your content live on multiple social platforms and other websites.

Immersive Experience

Live video conferencing can provide an immersive experience if you are going to use it for the first time. Choosing the right platform like- VideoEncrypt can help you in providing the best experience of video conferencing. We provide you the best support and make your conferencing free from stress and errors.

Using our video conferencing platform makes your online events and meetings successful. Its error-free service can match the level of quality and experience that you can expect from an in-person event and meetings.


I hope this article will help you in managing your canceled conference and meetings. In this pandemic situation of COVID-19, it will be better to be safe and also to keep your participants and audiences safe. 

VideoEncrypt will help you in staying connected during quarantine days with your participants and audiences. You can do better planning, customer meetup, etc. and we will bring them all to the same place.

Features To Look For Before Considering A Video Conferencing Software

Are you looking for a video conferencing software

Video conferencing software can improve your ROI and facilitate in building your team.

Video conferencing provides you a platform to host live events, group collaborations, and one-on-one sessions in an instant click of a button.

Today at VideoEncrypt we will discuss the important features that will help you in selecting a feature-packed video conferencing software.


The compatibility is the most basic feature that you should look for before considering a web conferencing software. When it comes to compatibility, your conferencing software should easily integrate with the other end-users and provide a hassle-free conferencing. 

You can go through the reviews of the customers and if possible take a demo or sign up for free trials to check the compatibility of the conferencing software. You must choose a web conferencing software that is compatible with your existing software. 

Messaging And File Sharing

Video conferencing allows you to interact with the other participants in just a single click. Messaging and file sharing features in your video conferencing provide an additional advantage while conferencing. Your participants can easily ask their issues and queries while conferencing.

Messaging and file sharing helps in sharing related files, documents, opinions, and ideas during the live event without disturbing other participants. This way you can engage them for a longer time and can build their level of interactivity.

Screen Sharing 

Web conferencing software should allow you to share your screen with the other participants. Sharing screen with other participants means you can watch what’s going on the participant’s window and other participants can also watch your window at the same time.

This type of feature can help you in presenting a live demonstration of the process that contains multiple steps. Considering this type of feature in your conferencing software can promote clear visuals and audio narrations in real-time and makes your conferencing successful.

In-Built Video Recording

In-Built video recordings feature in your video conferencing software records your live conferencing. Recorded live conferencing videos help the participants who did not attend your live meetings or training events.

Many video conferencing software allows you to add special effects, edit for the limited time, to publish your recorded video on different platforms. Look for a conferencing software that should have in-built video recording features to record your live conferencing.

Access To Unlimited Participants

While considering a video conferencing, choose a conferencing software that can allow access to the unlimited number of participants to join your live video conference. This can help you in attracting more learners to the conference. 

An unlimited number of participants can join your video conference in real-time. This will increase the popularity of your brand or business. This type of feature in video conferencing software plays an important role in increasing the popularity of your business.

Quick Support

Video conferencing software can sometimes face serious issues and your participants are not able to join your video conferencing. In such cases, you will need quick support to make your videos conferencing error-free. 

So quick customer support can play an important role in the success of your conference. Therefore it can not be neglected while considering video conferencing software for your business.


Now, we can say that you have come across the important features of the video conferencing software. Considering the above-mentioned features can help you in choosing the best software for your business. 

VideoEncrypt video conferencing software allows you to connect with your participants, teams from all across the globe. It’s featured pack software and quick team support provides effortless video conferencing and keeps you up with compliance.

How To Measure The Success Of Your Online Video Streaming

Are your online videos making an impact and effective for the viewers?

Whether your online video is reaching the right audience?

In the age of online video streaming, the success of your video means the success of your brand.

At VideoEncrypt, we will discuss the various analytics to measure the success of your online video streaming. 

Measure The Success of Your Online Video Streaming

First of all, set a goal that you want to achieve to measure the success and performance of your online video streaming. You can collect data and information to analyze the performance of your online streaming videos.

An online video platform streaming solution offers you a more reliable analytics dashboard. The dashboard helps you in measuring the performance and success of your online streaming videos.

Number Of Viewers

The performance of your streaming videos is measured by the number of views of your videos. OVP (online video platform) helps you to measure this type of analytics. These data and analytics can help you in determining the type of videos that are the most popular among the audience.

VideoEncrypt allows you to track the performance of your videos. It helps you in creating video content based on the performance of the previous successful content. 

A Successful Location  

An online video platform helps in tracking a successful geographical location for your online videos. It can provide information on the number of viewers from a particular geographical location. To make your streaming a huge success you can prepare videos based on what they like and what they want to see.

You can select the targeted location for your streaming videos to be successful. Based on the different locations you can add local language, animation, and information to target the audience.

Engagement Of Viewers

How the audience engages with your online streaming video and for how long they stay engaged defines the performance and success of your online videos. Viewing the time of your videos by the audiences is the basis to determine the success of your videos.

Online OVP like- VideoEncrypt helps you in reaching the right audience and increase the engagement rate of the viewers. The analytics helps in bringing traffic to your site and allows you to take action during your live stream.

Real-Time Analysis Of Your Streaming

While streaming your videos, real-time analysis plays an important role in determining every aspect and parameters of your streaming. It helps you in analyzing the rate at which new viewers are accessing your live stream, total numbers of viewers, how much data is being sent to a particular geographical location, city or a particular country, etc. so that you can make instant decisions to make it better and a huge success. The real-Time analysis makes your online streaming more successful as you can make changes while streaming your videos. 

Track Revenue Data

Track your collected revenue data like- total revenue generated, sales in different locations, sales from a particular video, etc. This can help you in analyzing the overall success of your online video streaming. You can compare the results of different streaming videos based on their sales and prices on the approach of different monetization platforms. 


We hope this article has put insight into measuring the success of your online video streaming. A good online video platform shows the analytics and statistics of your streaming videos act as a basis for measuring the success of your online video streaming.

We will love to hear from your side. If you have any queries and questions then write to us at info@videoencrypt.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How To Make Your Video Conferencing More Productive

Whether video conferencing calls are breaking up your workflow and decreasing the productivity levels?

Employees spend their precious time in the meeting room and half of them complain that their video conference calls as a waste of time. 

Effective communication is very much essential for the smooth operation of any business.

At VideoEncrypt, we will discuss what we can do to make video conferencing calls more productive.

Make Your Video Conferencing More Productive

Video conferencing has become the best meeting choice for many organizations for remote work. Seeing someone face to face makes the remote employees more comfortable and generates their interest in participating in video conferencing. Hosting a productive conference call is a critical task in today’s work environment.

Here are some of the best tips to make your video conferencing more productive.

Set Up The Right Equipment

Equipment like camera, microphone, cables, speakers, and lighting should also be taken into consideration while setting up video conferencing calls. Achieve a proper installation and setup of these types of equipment for a smooth and disturbance-free video conferencing.

Ensure that the whole equipment is working well before starting a video conferencing session to avoid delays. Troubleshooting and setting up the equipment while ongoing video conferencing is very embarrassing, irritating and wastage of time for the interacting person.

A High Bandwidth Connection

The quality of your video conferencing depends heavily on the bandwidth of your connection. A high bandwidth internet connection for your conferencing will ensure zero delay and buffering lags while making a video conferencing.

A cloud-based HD video conferencing requires a high bandwidth internet connection. A slow connection can delay and slow down the video conference and will take more buffer lags. It can also the sharing and transferring of files and documents between the participants.

Use The Right Tool

To make your video conferencing meetings smooth and flexible, the right tool or software platform is very necessary. Using the right video conferencing tools like- VideoEncrypt conferencing platform allows you to share screens, files, and documents. 

The right tool can make your conference more productive and help the remote participants to actively participate in the conference and stay engaged. It allows the host to ensure that all participants are following the ongoing conference and make them engaged throughout.

Create Topic And Set Goals For The Conference

Preparing a topic and goals before the conference and sending out to the participants will let them in knowing what exactly they are going to be discussed at the conference. A definite goal of your video conferencing can generate more interest and keeps the participants more engaged throughout the conference.

For maximum productivity, participants can prepare their contributions in advance before the meeting instead of wasting valuable time tracking down data on the spot. This will show participants the importance of each issue and the levels of details you are going to discuss for the created topic of the video conference.

Keep Your Meetings Professional

To make your meetings more productive, try to keep your video conferencing more professional. Make sure that the participants should not talk about the personal stuff between the conference. Don’t allow anyone to talk away from the topic.

Maintaining professionalism and limiting the non-work related chatter helps in engaging participants and keep them engaged throughout the conference. Thus a professional meeting makes your conference more productive.

Keep Other Participants Muted 

Backgrounds noise like- street noise, chatting, people typing, etc. can distract the other participants during video conferencing. For a productive video conference, make sure that every other participant has muted their audio except the participant who is speaking. 

This helps every other participant to hear clearly and communicate responsibly. This helps in keeping the meeting more focused.


I hope that these tips will definitely help you in getting more out of your video conferencing calls. A smart video conferencing solution can make your online conferencing more productive and successful. For more information on your video conferencing solutions for your business, you can contact us at info@videoencrypt.com

Video Conferencing: To Make Your Workplace A Happy Place

Video conferencing is becoming very popular throughout the way we communicate and collaborate.

Popular video conferencing providers like- Google Hangouts or Skype can not offer video conferencing services with over 20 members.

Video conferencing is a seamless way to integrate your work with other teams and offices of different locations. It keeps everyone on a single platform and establishes a cohesive team goal.

In this blog, we will discuss how to empower your workplace with the video conferencing tool to make it more successful.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Regardless of any type of device used by the different members in the workplace, your video conferencing should work smoothly. It should provide ease in joining them in video conferencing meetings from different geographical locations without downloading an app or a plug-in.

VideoEncrypt conferencing supports all types of devices to connect with teammates in the workplace. Anyone can be the host and start video conferencing by sending a meeting invite link to other teams or members. A member can join the meeting by simply clicking on the invitation link right from their browsers.

High-Quality Video Resolution

Video conferencing calls in your workplace means every coworker can clearly see and hear other members of the team. Your workplace may have many teams and every team can have a number of individual remote members. So a high-quality video resolution is very important in a video conferencing call to meet the compatibility of large and small sizes of conference rooms.

In your workplace, you need a high definition video conferencing solution even in the suboptimal bandwidth and low internet speed conditions. VideoEncrypt is capable of providing you the best possible video resolution quality for your workplace so that every member of your team can get the most from it.

Screen And Content Sharing  

A good and effective video conferencing service is that in which you can present the project details by sharing your screen, files, contents, videos, and slides. VideoEncrypt conferencing allows you to share your content as well as your screen on-the-go right from the web browser. 

You can share screens, contents, files and other media to the different members that are in a conference call at the same time. It does not require any extra storage as it stores the file in the system storage. 

Call Recordings

It becomes quite useful for the members to have a recording of their conference call with the higher authorities. This can help them in completing their projects by watching the video again and again. These video conference call recordings can be shared with the team members who have missed the conference.

VideoEncrypt conferencing allows you to record your important meetings within a single click on the record button. You can easily share your recorded conference call with the team members when the call ends.

Unlimited Number Of Participants

Almost all free video conferencing service providers provide you a limited number ranging from 8 to 10 participants. So it becomes quite difficult for your workplace to conduct a conference call with the entire team. VideoEncrypt allows an unlimited number of participants to join in the video conferencing call. This way we make your workplace a happy place.


Video conferencing is a one-stop solution for your enterprise growth. When you have a globally distributed team, you can keep every team member stay connected with one another. VideoEncrypt conferencing services have all the qualities and provide you a better experience in working together as one unified organization. 

Its abundance features and affordable pricing easily fits in your enterprise. For more information and your queries, you can contact us and comment below to get in touch with us.

Encrypted Video Streaming: How It Protects Your Videos

Does your online video streaming platform secure your videos successfully?

It has become important to secure your live and on-demand video content from the pirated eyes.

In this article, we will learn how VideoEncrypt protects your videos while encrypting your video streaming.

The main encrypted video streaming protocols used by most of the video streaming platforms are:-

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with AES-128
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTPS (DASH)
  • Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) 
  • RTMP Encrypted (RTMPE)

HLS encryption with AES-128 bit encryption is most widely used and considered as the most secure streaming protocol. However certain security features have been built into these streaming protocols and these videos encryption is not sufficient to protect your content. 

Partial encryption of streaming content and open key exchange for decryption are the main flaws that lie in these encrypted video streaming.

Many tools are widely available over the internet that can even download encrypted videos and makes your video content easily available for everyone. That’s why VideoEncrypt is here and comes with advanced features to secure your streaming video even better.

How Encrypted Video Streaming Works

Now, we will see a complete workflow that video DRM uses to protect your video streaming. Online video streaming needs features that have to be beyond the line to protect your video streaming. 

Encrypted Video


The video contents can be uploaded by any medium directly to the server using your own purchase account. VideoEncrypt supports all formats of the videos and can encrypt your videos in less time.


Once you upload your video contents, your contents are encrypted with industry-standard of AES-128 encryption and on multiple bitrates. In this stage, the encrypted streaming of the uploaded video takes place and converted into an encrypted format. Later, video is transcoded at multiple bitrates to optimize the quality when the viewers access on their network.


The encrypted videos are stored securely on the web storage and this provides you a double layer of protection against the hackers. When the users enter the access key only then it provides them your video contents.


Authentication of your videos is very important. VideoEncrypt generates a one-time dynamic video URLs for the user and these URLs can be accessed only through custom video codes for each single video stream. This helps in restricting multiple browser playback of the same video and your videos can not be easily downloaded.


When a user accesses your video content then the encrypted content is decrypted inside the player with the specific private key. A private key transfer between the website and our API restricts all the hacks of your encrypted contents and delivers seamless streams to the users. VideoEncrypt keeps security to your video contents up to date with regular updates in the authentication.


Now, we can clearly say that your videos are fully encrypted and safe with the VideoEncrypt. We deliver a progressive high secure adaptive video streaming and the best viewer experience by boosting your video streaming business. We would love to hear from you. For any queries kindly contact us or comment below.