Live Webinar: How To Host And Monetize It

Are you an expert in your niche and looking for profitable webinars?

Webinars mean hosting an online event, meeting, workshop, or conference which can be attended by anyone. 

Webinar removes barriers of geographical location which makes it perfect for marketing and sales medium to generate profits. 

Today we at VideoEncrypt will learn how to host a live webinar and later we will discuss the several ways to monetize a live webinar.

How To Host Your Live Webinar

The webinar was created a revolution in the way we communicate and interact with the audiences. A live webinar helps you to share your ideas and knowledge easily. A live webinar is easy to set up and it provides an even easier way to the audiences for attending and participating in your live webinar. 

Choose The Right Tool

To get the best webinar experience, you have to choose the best tools. This means having the best hardware such as webcams and computing devices that should be capable of meeting a live web conferencing needs. 

There are a number of webinar software that have various functions and support super-fast digital connections to provide the best experience of your meeting. We at VideoEncrypt provides you the best tool to meet your requirements.

Select The Right Time

To make your webinar successful, you have to select the right time to telecast your live webinar. While selecting a proper time you have to keep in mind about the time zones because your webinar is not bounded by geographical restrictions.

A weekend holiday or analyzing the time when more learners engage with your courses will be a suitable time for your webinar. The convenience of your audiences to join your live webinar will make your webinar a huge success.

Market Your Webinar

The topic of your webinar should be clear, concise and eye-catching so that it can attract more audiences toward your live webinar. You have to be motivating and energizing to market offline and online to maximize the interest of your learners.

Create a landing page, hashtags, and social media campaigns to get the more audiences attracted to your courses. Convey your message properly so that it reflects a clear content of discussions of your live webinar.

Invite Your Audiences

Till now, you are all set for your webinar and now you have to invite your audiences to participate in your live webinar. You can use digital messages and emails to invite them to your live webinar. This will give a rough idea about the no. of people who are going to engage with your live webinar. 

Ways To Monetize Your Webinars

Hosting a live webinar is a straightforward way to monetize and make money. If you are an expert and audiences want to listen to you again and again then hosting a paid webinar will be a better option to share your knowledge and expertise again and again. 

Registration Fees

To make money from your online events you can collect registration fees in order to join your live event. This type of monetization generally works for online education seminars and lectures. You have to integrate a payment gateway into your webinar platforms to collect the registration fees from the audiences.

Selling Product And Services

You can easily launch and introduce your product and services by explaining and popularizing your products and services. Audiences can buy your product and services after watching a profound webinar. Include a buy button in the video or at least a link in the description. You can get the money when audiences successfully purchase your product.

PPV Recordings

Not everyone finds the time to attend the live webinar. Record and edit your recent successful webinar, upload it as a video on your website and allow access for the audiences while paying charge per view. This will help you in generating a regular flow of income with no extra effort.

Marketing Of Product

If you are an expert and audiences follow you then try to tie up with some brands or companies to advertise their products and services during your webinar to make money when audiences purchase their products and services through your link.

OTT Videos: A Stairway To Successful Video Streaming

Are you a content owner or creator and looking for an opportunity to offer your content directly to your viewers.

(OTT Videos) OTT stands for “over-the-top” and delivers your video content to the users by streaming content directly over the web.

The number of subscriptions to video-on-demand services is expected to rise twice by 2022 globally.

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will learn about OTT videos and how it is replacing the traditional media distribution.

What Is An OTT Video?

Over-the-top video content is a broad category, it defines any media content which is delivered to the user by streaming over the internet without the involvement of multiple-system operators. In today’s digital world where more and more people are watching content over the internet and offering videos on-demand as long as you have access to an internet connection. 

How OTT Videos Are Replacing Traditional Media

In today’s digital age where viewers have increased their expectations with the growing appetites to watch content on a growing list of devices. It is becoming easier than ever before for the content creators like you to reach your audience wherever they are. 

With OTT solutions, you can deliver your content and consistent experiences across mobile, connected TVs, and smart TVs with ease in connectivity over the internet. This gives the viewers the same look and feel of traditional media distribution regardless of their device choice.

No more waiting until watching a favorite show excites the viewers more. This makes the viewers seek more OTT videos streaming over the web than traditional media.

Paying a huge amount of money for hundreds of channels just to get the subscription for a month costs too much but with the OTT videos, you have to pay a little amount of money for the subscription of a year.

Many content owner service providers like- Netflix, Amazon, AppleTV+, etc. are using the subscription model to maximize the value of their content and capture the attention of their audiences. Thus OTT services circumvent traditional media distribution.

OTT For Successful Video Streaming

As more and more viewers are attracted to OTT video streaming means that you can also deliver your video content whether you have a huge collection of resources or not.

Quality Content

Many OTT providers make the mistake of concentrating on the hardware required to deliver the service and forget that they need to deliver a high-quality product to the viewer.

Regular updates of your content and adding new content bind the viewers with your OTT videos and if your content will remain static then the subscribers or viewers can lose their interest.

Affordable Pricing 

Pricing should be defined and promoted accordingly to maximize acquisition and retention. Starting your OTT subscription services with a free trial makes the initial signup easier at a low-risk for the consumer.

Once the viewers subscribe to your OTT videos then they are likely to switch over the other. Keeping affordable pricing on the basis of the content that you are providing attracts your potential viewers.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your OTT services with social media helps the viewers to share their favorite TV shows and movies with their friends and relatives. This way your OTT videos can engage more viewers, gain a lot of popularity and spread the message about your brand.

Many OTT services are benefitted from live-tweeting with cast members during screening as it attracts a huge amount of traffic and more discussion of the latest TV shows.


I hope this article has put a requisite impact on the OTT videos and how you can deliver a successful video streaming to the viewers. Quality content can put you on the path to a successful OTT video. Combining all these features, support, proactive retention, global reach, can help you in continuing a successful video streaming.

How To Setup A Live Video Streaming For Your Business

Do you want to launch a live video streaming for your business?

Live stream videos maximize your audience, revenue, and popularity and make your business successful.

Setting up a high-performance live video stream makes your business more professional.

In this post, we will learn about the guidelines that are necessary while setting up a live video streaming.

Let’s Dive In to outline the best practices for a live video stream.

How To Set Up A Live Video Streaming

With the advancement in technology, now it is easier than ever before to launch a live video stream. Anyone can get started with live video streaming in just a moment using a smartphone. However, to set up a professional live video streaming it takes a lot of effort and hard work. Let’s follow some of the guidelines to set up a professional live video streaming for your business.

Create A Rich Content 

For a successful live video stream, rich content is a basic key. Content solely depends on the nature of your business. You have to create a plan for your live videos. Find out what your audience is interested in and then come up with a plan that targets your audience will attract them toward live streaming and will keep them engaged.

You have to create rich content that should attract your audience. Show your strength, advantages and values, who your audience is, and many other factors. Once you have good content, you can invest all you want in marketing and promotions.

Promote Your Live Streaming

To make your live streaming a huge success, you will have to create a solid marketing plan. This will help you in reaching your target audiences. You can promote your live video streaming using the following methods: 

  • Advertising 
  • Email campaign
  • Social media posting
  • Website posting

You can also include the people who have attended your previous live streaming. Make sure to target your audience through your promotion or toward your core audience. This way you can maximize your audience and the success of your event.

Choose The Right Streaming Platform 

A right streaming platform or online video platform can increase the productivity of your live streaming videos. An online video platform allows you to host your video content, delivers your live streams, and provides user-friendly tools to manage and organize your video content.

There are many live video streaming platforms, some are quite expensive while some are more affordable as varied on the basis of features. So choose a video platform like- VideoEncrypt which easily fits in your pocket. It has customizable branding, APIs, cloud recording, monetization, and secures your live streaming videos.

Testing And Set Up Of The Equipment

It requires a lot of equipment for hosting a professional live video streaming. All these equipment needs to be purchased, configured and set up before you go for a live event. These equipment are- Cameras, Microphones, Encoders, Cables, Batteries, etc.

Once you have done the setup, ensure that your whole setup works well together. If possible, try to live stream for several days in advance of your main event so that you can check the proper function. This will make your live event a huge success and free from technical failures.


We hope that this article has put insight into key elements for a successful live video streaming to grow your business. With a professional online video platform like – VideoEncrypt, it is easy to broadcast live video streaming.
If you have any additional questions about how to set up your live video stream then contact us or write us to and visit:

What Is Video-On-Demand And Why Your Business Need It?

Do you want to deliver your videos over the internet to grow your business?

Video-On-Demand has the ability to deliver your videos to users all across the globe.

A user can easily watch your video content whenever they are ready, with no waiting time for broadcasters’ schedules.

In this post, we will look at the definition of VOD, why it matters for your business and how you can implement it in your business.

What is Video-On-Demand?

Video-on-demand is referred to as VOD in short. It allows the viewer to watch the selected movie or TV content at their convenience regardless of broadcasting schedules. With On-Demand, viewers can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and re-watch their favorite shows and movies on demand as they would like. 

Why VOD Is Essential For Business?

Just think about the situation when your video content is not available when consumers want it, they’ll go somewhere else. Just like that, today’s user wants immediate and constant accessibility of the content that is highly valuable. 

There are many indications that the demand for VOD is increasing.

Many consumers are much more attracted to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube as they provide video content on their demand. With the help of VOD content you can easily connect with your target audience.

Video is the king and ruling all over the internet. If you are using the VOD platform than nothing will come close to your business to stop being popular.

How To Implement VOD In your Business

Build A Collection Of Videos

You have to create a solid collection of video content before implementing the VOD feature in your video content business. Try to make a library of collections that should contain enough content. A rich collection of contents makes it possible to attract more audience and they will not hesitate in investing while taking the subscription.

If you don’t have a solid collection of videos, you can start your business with TVOD. This will help in generating revenue by providing a subscription to the users for individual videos.

Create Your Own Website

When you have a library of video contents then you should go for your own website rather than leveraging on video channels like- Youtube. If you really want to generate good revenue from your videos then hosting and providing videos over VOD through your website will be a better choice.

You can easily create your VOD website and can generate revenue from subscribers, video rentals, and selling. 

Deliver New Contents Regularly

It doesn’t matter that you have a huge collection of video content. New video content will always attract the eyes of the audience. However, your existing video content is still the return of investment as long as the new users have not seen it.

But if you want the existing subscribers or visitors coming back to your site for more, then you have to upload new videos on a regular basis. It will be more effective if you provide them new content during the week of days.

Promote And Market Your Business 

Now, when you have your website that provides on-demand videos and content to the audience than to generate more revenue you have to promote and market your business. Add an SEO-focused video description to your video name. Make a brief snippet of your videos about 10-30 seconds to promote and preview your video library. 

To market your VOD website you can offer free trials to the visitors to engage them. Run ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and on Google AdWords to attract more audience to your website. If possible you can also host and campaigns to promote your business.


In my opinion, video-on-demand models are becoming an important part of many businesses. If you want to grow your business than VOD is a must-have for your business. It is an excellent way to earn an incredible ROI to grow and raise your brand. 

Why Video Conferencing Is Essential In Online Education

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular in online education over the past few years.

With video conferencing, you can bring the world into your classroom.

Many online educators are utilizing video conferencing to teach and share life experiences with the learners.

Today we at VideoEncrypt will help you in learning why we should use video conferencing and the benefits of using it.

Why Video Conferencing Is Essential

Education around the world has changed with the advancement in technology. Video conferencing has made classrooms walls invisible and allows learners in easy retention of knowledge as visuals can be easily remembered than words. It allows you to connect with your learners in real-time with the help of live video streaming. 

Video conferencing has removed the limitation over the physical boundaries and allows you to connect with students from all across the globe at the same time. Video conferencing platforms helps you in sharing files and documents easily over the internet.

Benefits Of Using Video Conferencing

Connect And Collaborate Easily

Connecting with your learners creates a level of interaction among the learners. It helps in generating interest in learning and boosts the overall performance of your courses. 

Even schools can collaborate and connect with you to organize teaching training, academic conferences and online education webinars via live video streaming. This form of collaboration not only saves time but also saves money and resources that could have been used by them.

Reduce Cost Of Courses

Video conferencing provides you the opportunity to host webinars, online training events, and business meetings without traveling and reduces accommodation expenses. Inviting an on-site instructor will be less of a hassle to be part of your live webinar process. 

It can evaluate the learners from the recorded conferencing call to the live video conferencing. Video conferencing can be carried out anywhere as long as there is internet access as it accommodates a maximum number of online learners. This way learners remain engaged and have access to your online courses.

Enhance Curriculum 

Gone are the days when online courses offer plain text, charts, presentations, etc. to their training courses. Now with video conferencing teachers are interacting and sharing their screens with the learners for a better and more life-like experience. 

High definition video conferencing enables your courses to provide a better and enhanced course curriculum. Thus improved interactive learning opens up for a wider spectrum of subjects that engages the learners with your courses more than ever before.

Promotes Distant Learning

Learners often have lesser learning options due to the lack of resources. A video conferencing works simply over the internet connection and a learner can easily enroll in a course of their choice, communicate with teachers, or participate in group discussions to get access to some great learning courses. 

They can also enroll in the prerecorded courses that are available in the digital library and can improve their learning experience.

Increased Learners Attendance And Productivity

As video conferencing improves communication and interaction with the learners, learners are more engaged and it increases the productivity of your courses. Problems and confusion are easily solved for the learners and resolution are made more quickly with the help of video conferencing.

It increases the engagement of the learners and has capabilities for all individual learners who want to take your courses when it is easiest for them. This way video conferencing helps you in increased attendance of learners.


In online courses, video conferencing is now considered a necessity. It increases scalability, flexibility to meet your expectations to engage learners with your courses at an effective cost.

At VideoEncrypt we offer video conferencing for ‘whole of business’ solutions that optimize your own training environment and maximize the attendance of learners to grow your business. The video conferencing features easily integrate with your existing platform.

Live Q&A: A Tool To Engage Your Audience

Do you want to engage and interact with your audience in real-time?

As a live broadcaster or online course creator, direct engagement with your audience means more eyeballs, growth, and more impact.

Whether it is a live chat or Live Q&A each of our live tools offers you a potential way to engage with your audience.

Here at VideoEncrypt, we will learn how it works, benefits and how can you enhance the engagement of your audience. 

Interaction Helps In Better Audience Engagement

In today’s era of online learning, the audience wants their questions to be heard and answered. Live Q&A is a simple way to interact with your audiences to answer their questions. Any brand or organization can host live Q&A events on their website. You can also host your live events on your custom website or on any social media platform.

With the implementation of live Q&A on your custom website, you can see the result as more and more audience is engaged with your presentation and courses. You can also control the experience of your audience while using live Q&A by integrating it with your custom website.

Live Q&A: An Interactive Way To Engage Learners

As an online course creator, have you ever presented your presentation or courses without being interrupted by the questions asked by the learner during your courses? Does the question from the learners make you lose focus or disrupt the flow of your courses? 

Live Q&A is an interactive way to smoothly run your presentations and online courses. It enables your audience to ask questions whenever they like during the presentation or courses without interruption by using Live Q&A. This helps you in keeping control of the audience. You can answer their questions when you feel the time is right. 

How to Live Q&A Works

You can conduct Q&A on your custom websites as live Q&A seamlessly integrate with your website. 

Live Q&A is conducted through the audience chat feature. The most recent questions asked by the audience will appear in real-time.

Viewers can easily submit their questions and you can easily answer their questions during the live stream.

Viewers can upvote other’s questions as well as your answers. This will let you know which questions are more likely to answer and where they are lacking while learning with your courses.

Live Q&A Enhances Engagement Of Audiences

You can easily manage your presentation in front of a large audience through live Q&A without interruption.

You can enable participants to ask questions whenever you like in the middle of the course or at the end of courses.

Giving chances to every learner to have their questions heard while attending your presentation or courses enhances their engagement.

Users can ask questions anonymously which creates an engaging environment to attract more learners.

Benefits Of Using Live Q&A

It provides the opportunity for every audience to get involved in Live Q&A and drive discussions that are rewarding.

With live Q&A interaction, you can connect with your audiences while getting insights on their follow-ups.

You can create small groups of questions asked by the audience as it can be incredibly useful while talking about sensitive topics.

Live Q&A enables you to manage questions from the audience quickly and easily without using any extra tech.


In my opinion, Live Q&A is a simple, effective way to involve and engage your audiences. It can boost your audience engagement and takes your brand to a new height of popularity. VideoEncrypt offers you an easy-to-use, powerful live engagement tool for our custom website to engage your audience even more.

Add Watermark Logo To Your Videos: A Simple Way To Protect Your Videos

Do you want to protect your online videos to make ensure that they belong to you?

As you know that more and more video content gets shared and reposted by different-different brands, so it becomes very important to add watermark logo to your videos

Logos in the videos helps the viewers in knowing the original creator of the video content.

Let’s dive in, Today we at VideoEncrypt will help you in learning why you should add the logo in your videos, why it is essential and how you can add a permanent watermark logo to your video.

Why You Should Add Watermark Logo To Your Videos

VideoEncrypt plugins focus on protecting your videos. You can add logos in your videos by placing an identity signature, ownership text, company logo, and even geometry graphics. This video watermarking plugin comes with a user-friendly interface. It is absolutely an excellent way to stamp your personalized logo to watermark on any video file.

A logo or watermark is a still image or text that overlaps over a video. It can be opaque and can cover the entire dimension of the video, place in the center of the video, or rest neatly in one of the corners. You can keep your logo transparent as to not interfere with the video itself. It works completely online, in your browser, and supports multiple fonts as well as custom image uploads.

Why Watermarking Is Essential For Your Videos

There are many ways through which your video content can be copied. It can be used under different banners to generate revenue and all your hard work and time will go in vain. 

There is no security that can secure your videos from being downloaded by hackers. Your videos can be copied, downloaded, cam recorded or even screen recorded by the unwanted hackers. Even encrypted videos can be Decrypted by breaking the unique key codes. This clearly signifies that your videos are not secure at all.

That’s why adding logos and watermarks in the content of your video is much essential to secure it from hackers. If any hackers download or even cam records your valuable videos then the logo or the watermark in the video will clearly show that the videos are owned by you or your company.

Ways To Add Logo In Your Online Videos

Frame By Frame Watermarking

Some video watermarking algorithms exploit the specificities of a compression standard while another embed watermark in three-dimensional transform to your videos. However, watermarking your video is done on the basis of the frame rate of the videos. Once this approach is enforced in watermarking then two major embedding strategies can be used:-

1. A different watermark is inserted in each video frame.

2. The same watermark is embedded in all the video frames.

Overlap Watermarking

Maybe you don’t want a frame. Some people prefer to place a logo to copyright their videos directly on their videos. This action just creates a smooth, dark band underneath your personalized logo copyright. This makes your videos stand out clearly on any video hosting platform from being copied from the pirated eyes.


I hope this article will put a required insight into implementing the logo in your online videos to secure your videos. This plugin will help you in protecting your video content and your brand from being copied by the pirated eyes. We at VideoEncrypt try our best in securing your videos and make a very easy place to add the logo of your choice on your video content. We hope you will enjoy this online tool for adding watermarks to your video!

Why Videos Matters For Enterprise Growth

Online videos have become a great medium for business owners to generate new leads.

From branded content and ads to live events and social posts, it seems that online video is an incredibly powerful tool.

Attention!! All enterprise owners, Do you use video to promote your business? 

Whether your answer to the question above is a resounding ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Let’s take a look, we at VideoEncrypt will learn how online video matters for enterprise owners can help you in growing your business. 

Engage Your Audiences

Online videos are a highly effective format for increasing engagement on your website. Videos are always more captivating for a page viewer’s eye rather than text and images. According to studies, people spend more time on websites that contain videos. 

This is the best way for the enterprise looking to generate ad revenue with its websites. Greater page engagement can quickly engage visitors and they are more likely to respond to your call to action, sign up for your email list, or can start shopping from your site. 

Deliver Your Message Clearly

Online videos free you up from the boring text and images. It helps in conveying your message with the audience using sounds with the moving images. Using strong graphics and design while creating your online videos help you delivering messages directly with your audiences. 

It can attract more audiences when you are launching a new product or service. Using info-graphics or animated info-graphics with the sounds can be a great way to advertise your products. It will engage your audience more quickly with the videos.

Make Your Testimonial More Compelling

Testimonial work as a staple for enterprise growth. With videos, your testimonials become more interesting and provide a more in-depth exploration of the values of your business. 

Showcasing problems and its solutions that your business is all about with the videos helps you in providing more details to the audiences. Creating a video testimonial for your business helps you in growing your market more quickly and generates leads.

Establish Your Enterprise As An Expert

Today’s enterprise is more concerned about establishing their enterprise as an expert in their field using online videos. Videos can easily attract the audience as it gives you the power to showcase and advertise your expertise in the related field. 

Depending on your goals you can easily create a compelling video of your expertise and put it on your websites, share via your blogs or social media accounts. This type of video can signal your expertise and attract leads who are searching for the queries.  

Hire The Right Employees

Employees are the foundation for the growth of any business. Your videos describing life at your company and showing the growth of your employees. These videos can help you in attracting the talented and right employees at your workplace.

Video is an attractive medium that allows you to get across by communicating long-term goals for your business, showing the benefits of working with you. This can make people more excited about joining your company using this type of prospect.

Videos Keep You Stand Out From The Crowd

Finally, at the end of the day, video is the best means that keeps you and your brand to stand out. People want to do business with real people.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself in your videos and let your customers know who you are and all about your business.
With the right online video platform, you can easily publish your videos. you can put all your knowledge with a controlled message in the best possible way.

Why You Should Use Video Streaming Platform

Video content has the power to grab people’s attention so the video streaming platform market is expanding its reach day by day.

Video streaming is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.1% in the coming six years and will reach a size of $124.57 billion by 2025.

The use of technological advancements has brings us new and exciting video content delivery platforms. So avoid the urge of an early adopter and be a shiny piece of tech.

Here, we will learn why we should use a video streaming platform for your videos and the benefits of using it.

Video Streaming Platform

A video streaming platform is considered as a powerful marketing tool to engage the audience with your video content. When it comes to the challenges in terms of technical requirements to deliver your video content, a video streaming platform solves all your problems. Businesses all over the world are now using video streaming platform as a tool for marketing and communication, as well as a modern means of providing entertaining or educational content.

The advancements in cloud computing have revolutionized video streaming and have brought popular streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

Benefits Of Video Streaming Platform

There are many benefits to using a video streaming platform. Even small to medium enterprises are now using video streaming platforms. Video streaming platform is effective and impactful in a variety of contexts. It can broadcast your event, product and services promotions, online classes, live announcements, and broadcasting, etc.

High-Quality Video Streaming

When you stream your video content using your own servers, it becomes difficult to achieve a high quality of streaming. To overcome this problem you need a robust infrastructure and a good CDN (content delivery network) to deliver high-quality video content to the audience. 

CDN works as a global delivery system that distributes your video content using their own server. With the help of CDN, even your live video broadcast will stream perfectly and function consistently without any technical problems.

Reach To A Wider Audience

Sometimes people are interested in attending a particular event, but they can’t attend due to an increase in expenses or work commitments. With a video streaming platform, you can invite a large audience to attend your event with whom you couldn’t reach. It can make your video content easily accessible. 

Great Mobile Viewing Experience

Today’s generation access online video content mostly on mobile devices, tablets, etc. A compatible mobile viewing experience keeps the audience engaged. So it is important to keep up with these trends so that people can easily access your video content over smartphones and tablets.

Evaluate The Outcome Of Events

Many video streaming platforms allow you to see the performance metrics of your video content. These are relevant statistics that show the number of viewers liked, engagement, and their reactions. This type of data will help you in identifying how your videos are performing. You can easily identify the aspects of your video content that need to change for future events. 


A video streaming platform can help your video content to stand out from the others. A video streaming platform allows you to access a broader audience base. It helps you in customizing your videos and provides a better viewing experience to the consumers on any device.

Video Monetization: Earn Money From Your Videos

Online video has tremendous capability to win hearts and can make you a hero of the masses.

If you are an online video publisher then there is a massive video monetization opportunity for the inventory of your online videos.

Do you want to monetize your original videos without using YouTube?

Platforms offering On-Demand videos as well as live streaming are now replacing traditional platforms more.

We at VideoEncrypt are more profitable, enjoyable, and consistent to put you in control of your online video business and allow you to make money that you deserve.

What Is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is the process of generating revenue by hosting your videos on a video hosting platform. This is usually achieved by inserting ads, offering a subscription, getting sponsorships, doing reviews, etc. of your online videos.

Video monetization is basically getting paid for the videos you create when people watch, like or subscribe to your videos. The more they watch, like or subscribes to your videos, the more you will earn. 

Ways To Monetize Your Videos

Subscription Video On Demand(SVOD)

Subscription video on demand allows the user to watch videos from their library on a monthly or yearly basis. When user will stop paying for your videos then they will lose access from your videos. SVOD is the most profitable method of generating revenue from your videos.

Advertising Video on Demand(AVOD)

In the advertising video, you can put up your videos with advertisements that pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll when people will watch your videos. More people will interact with the advertisement on your videos the more profit you will get.

Transactional Video On Demand(TVOD)

In the transactional video, users can create accounts and access your video platform for free and they pay only for the videos you decide to watch. If you are offering videos covering lots of different topics and industries then TVOD can help you in generating more revenues.

How To Monetize Your Videos

Create Your Own Online Video Platform

Creating your own online video platform is the reservation of a spot on the internet where people can come to find your videos and can access them. Your OVP will be a video on demand optimized websites from where people can easily access your content of videos on any device. Creating own OVP allows you to set prices, control of your videos, flexibility and making strategy based on your people’s need.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the second-highest ranked revenue generator after Google AdSense. About 75% of online video makers claim that affiliate marketing makes their video monetizing easy doesn’t interrupt their user experience.

It is now widely used for monetization of your online videos. You can easily generate revenue by including affiliate links in and around your videos to outside products and services in exchange for a commission on each sale.

Paid Membership Site 

Creating a membership site for your valuable videos and materials is a way to generate more revenue. This way you can create a group of like-minded people who are benefited from your online videos and courses. This method works in an impactful way and features you as an expert on your topic to build an online community.

Sell Video Contents Online

Selling your video content online is another profitable way to monetize your video content. You can earn a significant income by selling your video content online. 

Offer Digital Download

Offering digital downloads for online courses, ebooks, sheets, visuals, audio, and video gives you limitless options for generating additional income. Be sure to deliver in a specific format that leads your audience to a specific result. It keeps your audiences for coming back for more which is a vital momentum to take their advantage.

Earn Profit By Monetizing Your Videos

As you’ve learned, there are various ways to make money from your videos. You don’t have to create something new just try to add more videos to your library that are valuable to the people and generate revenue.