A Simple Way To Protect Your Videos

Add watermark logo to video

Do you want to protect your online videos to make ensure that they belong to you? As you know that more and more video content gets shared and reposted by different-different brands, so it becomes very important to add watermark logo to your videos. Logos in the videos helps the viewers in knowing the original creator of the video content. Let’s dive in, Today we at VideoEncrypt will help you in learning why you should add the logo in your videos, why it is essential and how you can add a permanent watermark logo to your video.

Why You Should Add Watermark Logo To Your Videos

VideoEncrypt plugins focus on protecting your videos. You can add logos in your videos by placing an identity signature, ownership text, company logo, and even geometry graphics. This video watermarking plugin comes with a user-friendly interface. It is absolutely an excellent way to stamp your personalized logo to watermark on any video file.

A logo or watermark is a still image or text that overlaps over a video. It can be opaque and can cover the entire dimension of the video, place in the center of the video, or rest neatly in one of the corners. You can keep your logo transparent as to not interfere with the video itself. It works completely online, in your browser, and supports multiple fonts as well as custom image uploads.

Why Watermarking Is Essential For Your Videos

There are many ways through which your video content can be copied. It can be used under different banners to generate revenue and all your hard work and time will go in vain. 

There is no security that can secure your videos from being downloaded by hackers. Your videos can be copied, downloaded, cam recorded or even screen recorded by the unwanted hackers. Even encrypted videos can be Decrypted by breaking the unique key codes. This clearly signifies that your videos are not secure at all.

That’s why adding logos and watermarks in the content of your video is much essential to secure it from hackers. If any hackers download or even cam records your valuable videos then the logo or the watermark in the video will clearly show that the videos are owned by you or your company.

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