Watermarking: Secure Your Digital Content

Do you want to secure all your digital content? Watermarking is a way to secure your digital content by adding your signature, ownership text, brand logo on the images, videos, PDFs, and Docs. Today, VideoEncrypt will help you in securing your different types of digital content from unwanted threats. Secure Your Digital Contents Nowadays, content […]

Better Video Conferencing Solutions During COVID Pandemic

Globally, Coronavirus continues to spread and is affecting the working of people and organizations. Organizations are adopting work from home for the safety of their employees during COVID-19. Staying connected with teammates and other members of the organization has become a major concern. Video conferencing is the best solution during this pandemic solution to stay […]

Encrypted Video Streaming: How It Protects Your Videos

Does your online video streaming platform secure your videos successfully? It has become important to secure your live and on-demand video content from the pirated eyes. In this article, we will learn how VideoEncrypt protects your videos while encrypting your video streaming. The main encrypted video streaming protocols used by most of the video streaming […]