Add Watermark Logo To Your Videos: A Simple Way To Protect Your Videos

Do you want to protect your online videos to make ensure that they belong to you? As you know that more and more video content gets shared and reposted by different-different brands, so it becomes very important to add watermark logo to your videos.  Logos in the videos helps the viewers in knowing the original […]

Why Videos Matters For Enterprise Growth

Online videos have become a great medium for business owners to generate new leads. From branded content and ads to live events and social posts, it seems that online video is an incredibly powerful tool. Attention!! All enterprise owners, Do you use video to promote your business?  Whether your answer to the question above is […]

What Is Interoperability? Why It Matters For Conferencing

Do your video conferencing system requires users to purchase a gateway to call other third-party video conferencing devices?  This can be a frustrating problem for your businesses to invest in expensive hardware or any other services.  Many users have neglected interoperability development when it comes to their systems. We at VideoEncrypt will help you in […]

Corporate Live Video Streaming: All Solutions That You Need

Are you looking for video hosting platforms for your corporate live video streaming or any other OTT videos? In recent years, corporate businesses of all types have been getting involved in live streaming. According to research, the global enterprise video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022.  You have come to the right […]

Video SubTitling and WebVTT

Originated in 2010 by the web hypertext application technology group, WebVTT stands for web video text track and sometimes abbreviated as VTT which is the file extension of WebVTT.  Web Video Text Tracks Format is simply plain text which is used as a format for displaying timed text tracks such as subtitles or captions using […]

VAST & VPAID: Why They Are Important For Video Advertising.

For the past few years, video consumption is increasing quickly. Many advertisers and marketers have adopted video marketing and it is becoming an effective advertising medium. If you want to optimize your video ads to increase its view engagement, standard-based advertising should be a part of your advertising planning.  About 36% of consumers say that […]


With so many options available in 2019 “Video Conference” has got the first place at all levels of business. It acts as a tool to keep the employees connected with one another in an organization. With an increase in remote work, it is important to choose the right video conference solution for your business. Our […]

Popular HTML5 video format and browser compatibility

If you are a web designer or a web developer, the first thing that comes in your mind is how can you design your website more attractive for your website visitor. For designing your website more attractive you can add videos on your website. According to AYTM Market Research “ More than 90 percent of […]

Why We Require Video Delivery Format For Web

Video has come a long way since magnetic tapes were involved and it’s time to ensure that you’re using the best format for displaying video content on your website. Including videos helps make your content easier to connect with the people. If you’d like to have greater control over your video then the HTML5 video […]

What is HLS Encryption? Is HLS Encryption effectively secure against piracy?

HLS Streaming ( HTTP Live Streaming) is a streaming protocol which is used for the video content across the computers and mobile devices. HLS encryption refers to video streaming using HLS protocol where the video files are encrypted by using  AES-128 algorithms. The key exchange takes place through the secure HTTPS protocol and also allow […]