WebRTC: A GateWay To Real-Time Communication

Have you ever wondered about having voice and video streaming without requiring any software or plug-ins? There was a time when Flash and plug-ins were the only methods of real-time communication. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology delivers instant voice and video streaming without any plug-ins and Flash player. Today, we at VideoEncrpyt will discuss the […]

Six Tips To Make Your Live Streaming Successful

Do you want to make your live streaming successful? Many trainers think that they can host a live streaming session easily but in reality, it goes off the rail fastly. It requires a lot of training, practice, and patience to make your live streaming session successful. Today, we at VideoEncrypt will discuss five tips that […]

How To Choose The Best Encoder For Your Business

In the earlier post, we had learned about the “Encoder” and there we have also discussed the hardware and software encoding. Before considering an encoding for your delivering your streaming videos to the audiences, you have to determine the following parameters:- Type of audience you are addressing with your content. Websites and platforms where you […]

Encoders For Live Streaming- Software And Hardware

When it comes to streaming solutions, it is important to understand which encoders for live streaming will be right for your broadcast. Encoding is the process of compressing your video, audio, and files for easy uploading to the internet.  If you want to broadcast your live streaming using video cameras in your setup then you […]

How To Engage Your Audiences Through Interactive Live Conferencing

Do you want to engage your audience for a longer time? Interactive live conferencing offers you more engagement with audiences, creates the impression of your brand, and provides a better experience to your audience. Hosting interactive live conferencing using modern platforms is a way to engage your audience as well as boosts your business. In […]

How To protect Your live Streaming videos

Delivering a secure and protected live streaming and on-demand video content is still a dream for many creators and developers. Unauthorized access can decrease the revenue of your live subscription and pay-per-view services. Live streaming and on-demand videos involve sensitive and private data. Protection is the key to secure your live streaming videos. Our secure […]

Tips For Online Tutors To Make Your Live Streaming Training Successful

Technology has transformed the world of education and the way of learning of the students.  Many Tutors are using live webinars, online videos, and online classes to educate their students. Beyond all these, live streaming is a powerful tool to keep your learners engaged. In this blog, we will discuss the basic live streaming tips […]

Interactive Video Platform: Make Your eLearning More Successful

Do you want to make your eLearning courses more popular among the learners? Face-to-face interactions can increase the success of your eLearning programs. An interactive video platform in your eLearning courses can make your eLearning courses more successful. Today, at VideoEncrypt we will learn why you should adopt an interactive video platform to deliver your […]

How To Measure The Success Of Your Online Video Streaming

Are your online videos making an impact and effective for the viewers? Whether your online video is reaching the right audience? In the age of online video streaming, the success of your video means the success of your brand. At VideoEncrypt, we will discuss the various analytics to measure the success of your online video […]

Encrypted Video Streaming: How It Protects Your Videos

Does your online video streaming platform secure your videos successfully? It has become important to secure your live and on-demand video content from the pirated eyes. In this article, we will learn how VideoEncrypt protects your videos while encrypting your video streaming. The main encrypted video streaming protocols used by most of the video streaming […]