Conference Cancelled? How To Stay Connected During Quarantine Days

Does your event or meetings list continue to be canceled during quarantine days?

Many event organizers and professionals are going through hard times as the COVID-19 is hitting hard across the globe.  

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, many professionals are opting for web conferencing instead of canceling their meetings and events.

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will help you in staying connected to your meetings, events, and clients with our live conferencing software.

Stay Connected With Web Conferencing

Live video conferencing is an immersive tool that keeps you connected with your employees, customers, conference, and events. Virtual events have always been an effective way for event marketers to extend their reach and augment their in-person strategy.

Live video conferencing can provide you the best experience. It helps you in staying connected during quarantine days with one another. You can connect with the audiences who can not attend your in-person meetings and conferences. Let’s discuss some of the important aspects that will help you in staying connected during the quarantine days.

Create A FullProof Plan

Before creating a live video conference for your events and meetings make sure that you have a plan ahead and test everything. You can check all the equipment for the live conferencing by taking a trail. Create content that should align with the interests of your intended audience.

You can use Q&A to generate interest among the audience. You can also use live polls and graphics for the active participation of the audiences in your video conferencing. This will help you in promoting your brand awareness and will target prospective customers.

Invite Your Audience

It feels very disappointing when your events and meetings get canceled. But in this critical situation, we are here to help you with creating your video conference. After creating a successful plan, it’s your turn to invite your participants. You can use different marketing techniques to market your video conferencing.

Staying safe and keeping your audiences/participants safe is more important. Most attendees will appreciate your idea of video conferencing. You can invite them by just sharing information with them.

Expand Your Reach

Choosing the right video conferencing software helps you in deciding how your audience watches online and who you want to be able to see your stream. Web conferencing software like- VideoEncrypt allows you to place your live streaming conference on your website. 

Our video conferencing allows you to host private meetings and group events with secure access using password protection. If you want to target a huge audience by streaming a public event then it will work best for you. You can make your content live on multiple social platforms and other websites.

Immersive Experience

Live video conferencing can provide an immersive experience if you are going to use it for the first time. Choosing the right platform like- VideoEncrypt can help you in providing the best experience of video conferencing. We provide you the best support and make your conferencing free from stress and errors.

Using our video conferencing platform makes your online events and meetings successful. Its error-free service can match the level of quality and experience that you can expect from an in-person event and meetings.


I hope this article will help you in managing your canceled conference and meetings. In this pandemic situation of COVID-19, it will be better to be safe and also to keep your participants and audiences safe. 

VideoEncrypt will help you in staying connected during quarantine days with your participants and audiences. You can do better planning, customer meetup, etc. and we will bring them all to the same place.

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