Corporate Live Video Streaming: All Solutions That You Need

Are you looking for video hosting platforms for your corporate live video streaming or any other OTT videos?

In recent years, corporate businesses of all types have been getting involved in live streaming. According to research, the global enterprise video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022. 

You have come to the right place. We at VideoEncrypt has a complete solution for all your corporate needs.

Let’s dive in to see how corporates are using online live stream videos and what devices they need to be successful.

Communications, Marketing, Events, and Training For Live Video Streaming

The most common uses of corporate live streaming are for internal meetings, conference keynotes, marketing, and internal updates or announcements. 

Using video content in advertising and marketing of your products can increase your online sales by 1.6 times than the conventional methods. 

Training employees through online videos and lectures are not a new thing. Online training is helping corporates in retaining the best talents among the employees.  

Events are another great way to use live stream video in a corporate. Events that include In-person and videos help in attracting more people towards it.

Devices That Corporates Needs 

The fundamental needs for live streaming are cameras, microphones, internet connection, and an encoder. In general, corporates should invest in high-quality and durable equipment to avoid failure of the communication.


For clear videos, you can go with the Professional Video Camera which includes pro-connectors like XLR and SDI. These cameras provide excellent image quality even in poor lighting conditions as it has a large aperture and high-resolution sensors.


Audio quality is even more important to viewers than video streaming quality. If a live streaming video stutters, the user-experience may be fine as long as the audio quality remains high. You can use 3.5mm microphones for medium quality sound and built-in microphones or XLR microphones for the professional live video streaming.


There are two types of encoders: Hardware and Software

A software encoder runs on a desktop or laptop. These encoders are needed to be paired with a capture card or cameras with your computer to record videos. 

A hardware encoders support a wide range of sources like- HDMI, SDI, etc. They are built to last and support 24/7 video streaming without crashing. Hardware encoders are best for professional applications and you can stream live videos from anywhere.

#Internet Connection

A solid Internet connection is a very essential element in all sorts of streaming live videos. This means to connect your encoder to a wired Ethernet cable for reliable live streaming. However, you can also use the wifi connection instead as it also works.

Choose Online Video Platforms

Using an Online Video Platform (OVP) is the best way to deliver and scale online video. A professional OVP allows you to deliver your video content more easily and quickly and this way you can scale to a massive audience via global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). An Online Video Platform delivers live stream videos more professionally and focus only on your business. 

Video Privacy And Security

Securing digital content is very essential for corporates. As you already know that the consequences of losing your security over your content and videos can cause huge loss. So it is very important to copyright your videos and proprietary information to stay safe.

Professional online video platforms streams live videos and offer a range of security features while some only include a couple of basic security options. We at VideoEncrypt provides an extensive collection of tools for video security:

  • AES Encryption
  • Password protection
  • Domain restriction
  • Geographic restriction
  • Token-based security


Here I have introduced the various requirements that are required to live stream of video content for the corporates. If you need an enterprise video platform for your corporate, I will suggest you check you out our VideoEncrypt platform. Our platform offers you the best price in the market and many more features that are discussed above.

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