Do’s And Don’ts To Make Your Video Conferencing Calls Successful

We are all going through a tough situation. Workplaces and teams are now working remotely.

Video conferencing calls are being organized for the meetings and get-together of the teams.

Maintaining your presence is not enough, you have to follow some rules to make your video conferencing successful.

In this article, we will learn how to navigate, what to do, and not to do while being on the video conference.

Choose A Dedicated Space

Select a dedicated space in your home and adjust your system and other hardware devices like- camera, headphones, speakers, etc. to experience office-like space while working from home. make your family members know beforehand to minimize interruptions.

Set up your device or camera so that it can provide a clear and concise view of you. If you’re using a separate camera then place it near your screen so that when you are looking at the screen, it appears that you are participating in the video conference.

Keep Yourself Maintain

When it comes to video conferencing, you have to maintain office-like culture while working from home, Dress like you are in-person meeting and make sure to follow your workplace’s dress code. Keep yourself well-groomed so that it can have a positive effect on the other participants.

If you will keep yourself maintained while working then it will motivate other members within the organization. Keeping your background view nice and not wearing shiny clothes will showcase on the camera better. 

Start Earlier

Starting early is always a great start. If you are not familiar with the software that your host is using then it will help you in understanding all functions of the video conferencing software. Giving yourself extra minutes before starting the conference call will help you in easy interaction without getting confused.

Starting early makes sure that all the connected devices are working properly or not. Whether the camera, headphones, and mic are working properly. It helps you in starting error-free video conferencing calls. 

Be Attentive And Focused

Staying focused and attentive is the key rule for the success of any work. So when you are in the video conference call avoid doing other official work. Always look into the camera when you’re speaking and presenting your presentation or sharing your screen.

If your presentation is over then don’t leave the conference and listen to the other members. This will motivate the other in presenting their presentation and sharing their screens when you will pay attention during the video conferencing.

Right Time To Turn ON/OFF Audio And Vide

During in-person meetings, you can easily wait for your turn for asking any query related to the project and the presentation. But the whole scenario is different for the video conferencing. You can ask questions with the text message that will not disturb the presenter while speaking.    

Try to mute the video conference when you are not speaking because the microphone can pick up a lot of background noise. It will also help you in listening clearly. If you need to get up or move around during the conference call then switch off your video to avoid any kind of distraction distractions to the other participants.


Now you have come across the idea that you should maintain while being at the video conferencing calls. Following these rules will make your video conferencing more successful. Always remember you are more visible on video calls than in offline meetings. So keep communicating with each other while being on the video conference call and meetings. For best video call conferencing you can use WPLMS appointments and Videoencrypt server. These are helpful for online meetings.

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