Secure your videos with VideoTube. Three advantages :

  1. Compatibility : Convert big MP4 videos in HLS streams optimised for Mobiles. Save on bandwidth and get faster loading pages.
  2. Security : Encrypt Videos with industry standard AES 128 bit encryption.
  3. Deliverability : Custom VideoPlayer, no branding 100% secure.

Check our video guide below.

Other salient features :

  1. Directly encrypt video from WordPress media library add media popup .
  2. Each decided segment of video encrypted with different key ,i.e. multiple keys used
  3. No load on server while uploading a video or encryption .
  4. Upto 2gb videos can be encrypted .
  5. One Unified player for all kind of videos ,local videos(uploaded to media library, from youtube , from wistia , encrypted video url ) .
  6. Player customisation options for each video like seek lock , hide show volume control .
  7. Resume-able Videos. Playback where it was left.