Features To Look For Before Considering A Video Conferencing Software

Are you looking for a video conferencing software

Video conferencing software can improve your ROI and facilitate in building your team.

Video conferencing provides you a platform to host live events, group collaborations, and one-on-one sessions in an instant click of a button.

Today at VideoEncrypt we will discuss the important features that will help you in selecting a feature-packed video conferencing software.


The compatibility is the most basic feature that you should look for before considering a web conferencing software. When it comes to compatibility, your conferencing software should easily integrate with the other end-users and provide a hassle-free conferencing. 

You can go through the reviews of the customers and if possible take a demo or sign up for free trials to check the compatibility of the conferencing software. You must choose a web conferencing software that is compatible with your existing software. 

Messaging And File Sharing

Video conferencing allows you to interact with the other participants in just a single click. Messaging and file sharing features in your video conferencing provide an additional advantage while conferencing. Your participants can easily ask their issues and queries while conferencing.

Messaging and file sharing helps in sharing related files, documents, opinions, and ideas during the live event without disturbing other participants. This way you can engage them for a longer time and can build their level of interactivity.

Screen Sharing 

Web conferencing software should allow you to share your screen with the other participants. Sharing screen with other participants means you can watch what’s going on the participant’s window and other participants can also watch your window at the same time.

This type of feature can help you in presenting a live demonstration of the process that contains multiple steps. Considering this type of feature in your conferencing software can promote clear visuals and audio narrations in real-time and makes your conferencing successful.

In-Built Video Recording

In-Built video recordings feature in your video conferencing software records your live conferencing. Recorded live conferencing videos help the participants who did not attend your live meetings or training events.

Many video conferencing software allows you to add special effects, edit for the limited time, to publish your recorded video on different platforms. Look for a conferencing software that should have in-built video recording features to record your live conferencing.

Access To Unlimited Participants

While considering a video conferencing, choose a conferencing software that can allow access to the unlimited number of participants to join your live video conference. This can help you in attracting more learners to the conference. 

An unlimited number of participants can join your video conference in real-time. This will increase the popularity of your brand or business. This type of feature in video conferencing software plays an important role in increasing the popularity of your business.

Quick Support

Video conferencing software can sometimes face serious issues and your participants are not able to join your video conferencing. In such cases, you will need quick support to make your videos conferencing error-free. 

So quick customer support can play an important role in the success of your conference. Therefore it can not be neglected while considering video conferencing software for your business.


Now, we can say that you have come across the important features of the video conferencing software. Considering the above-mentioned features can help you in choosing the best software for your business. 

VideoEncrypt video conferencing software allows you to connect with your participants, teams from all across the globe. It’s featured pack software and quick team support provides effortless video conferencing and keeps you up with compliance.

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