How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Way of Live Streaming

Video content is dominating the internet whether we browse on smartphones, desktops, and even on smart TVs. Videos are everywhere.

It is estimated that around 70% of web traffic will be video content by 2022.

A massive amount of data is spent every day on streaming videos but still, users face challenges like- buffering issues.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in your live streaming is an efficient way to deliver your content without any issues as it organizes and streamlines your live streaming.

In this article, we at VideoEncrypt will learn about AI and how it is transforming the way of live streaming.

Understanding AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We usually find artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning similar in every aspect when there is some advanced technology involved in making our life simpler. Although these three concepts are different.

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to perform tasks as we humans do. Artificial Technology is a way that makes the machine to perform tasks using human intelligence like- acting, sensing, behavior, etc. with little to no human intervention. This way AI makes our life smarter and allows machines to perform tasks faster than humans.

How AI Is Transforming Live Streaming

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are very vast and it can easily encompass many complex processes within the live streaming process. Many organizations and industry leaders are using AI technology so that they can solve their issues and problems without creating any hindrance in their live video streaming

Let’s see some of the important aspects of live streaming that AI can easily solve and transform the way of your live streaming.

AI Maintains Adaptive Bitrate

We always notice that our live streaming videos stop sometimes, lag, and even buffers when a user starts watching your live streaming. The Adaptive Bitrate algorithm is responsible for the sudden variations in the bandwidth but it does not adjust the resolution of the content that is being streamed.

Using an AI-enabled platform for your live streaming makes your content easily delivered as it processes the bitrate according to the bandwidth connection of the users. It makes the necessary distinction and adjusts the quality of images and videos automatically.

AI Compresses Video Size

It always takes time and data to upload your video and other content over the web. Larger file size of data and videos takes more space and it has become the reason for being worried. 

Using Artificial Intelligence-based modern video platforms helps you in compressing the size of your video and digital content like- images without reducing the quality. Modern live streaming platforms leverage AI for video compression automation and saves your time as well while uploading to the cloud.

Auto Categorizing Of Recorded Streaming

It becomes quite difficult to manage your live streaming media. If it is not categorized according to the labels then it will be very difficult for you and your user. Finding an old live streaming recorded video from the library can be a difficult task.

AI-enabled live streaming platforms categorize your live streaming video in real-time based on the title of your live streaming. It works on the set parameters and improves the user experience as well. Many video content sites and providers use AI to personalize their content according to the categories and suggest the content according to it.

AI Solves Privacy Issues

We face many privacy issues in today’s digital age. Everyone wants to increase their revenue without doing anything and they steal your valuable content. Whether it is from social media or directly from your site, pirated eyes are always keen on stealing valuable content and use it for their own benefits. 

To overcome this issue, you can leverage on the AI technology to keep your valuable content safe from the pirated eyes. AI monitors and controls the content published by users, to avoid privacy issues by detecting, recognizing, and processing the images and videos.


I hope this article has helped you in determining the various aspects through which AI can enhance the way of live streaming. From real-time categorization to solving privacy issues, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the standard in the field of live streaming as well as enhancing the quality of the user experience.

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