How HLS Encryption Secure Your Videos And Digital Contents

Whether your digital contents and videos are being pirated or copied by unwanted threats?

As per reports data breaching, piracy, unauthorized video sharing, and hacking continue to increase each year.

Protecting your videos and other digital content helps you in the HLS Encryption secure delivery of your videos and other content to the users.

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will learn how we can secure our digital content and videos with the HLS encryption.

What Is An Encryption?

Encryption technology is a method to protect your data and videos from unauthorized users. As a broadcaster or content provider, you can allow the user and make them authorized to access your content and videos.

There are many encryption technologies that have been developed over the years that have several levels of security. Many encryptions allow the providers to break their encrypted videos and contents using a secure algorithm and deliver it to the end-user to access the content. Thus, encryption technology secures your digital content and allows you to authorize users to access your content.

How HLS Encryption Secure Your Videos

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) encryption uses the latest technology encryption and splits your video streams into chunks and encrypts throughout the process until it is delivered to the users.

In modern web browsers, either HTML5 or Video.js video players are used and it requires downloading the entire video file during initiation for playback in the user’s web browser. Therefore, breaking down videos into small chunks is difficult to decrypt and makes your playback faster using fewer data.

HLS encryption supports AES-128 encryption, content delivery network (CDN), Manifest file, HTTPS delivery, and Password protection to encrypt the videos in chunks and deliver the actual file to the viewers.

AES-128 Encryption

AES-128 encryption technology has the ability to protect the videos and contents from the unwanted third-parties. AES-128 encryption makes the videos safe from the attacks of unwanted threats because 128-bit key encryption is very difficult to crack and takes too long.

HLS encryption support for AES-128 makes your encryption fast, safe, and secure. You can seamlessly provide your online streaming videos to the user. This makes sure that your videos and contents can not be copied and pirated by anyone.

Manifest File

The HLS manifest file or M3U8 is necessary to select and retrieve the right information for the streaming of your online videos and digital contents. The manifest file contains a secret encryption key for each video and other files. 

HLS encryption uses the manifest file and this file is served over HTTPS to deliver your content so that it passes through the authentication. This minimizes the risk of being decrypted of your file from the unwanted source.

Secure HTTPS Connection

HTTPS is the secure delivery of your content. HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) makes your server secured using a transport layer security (TLS) certificate that’s issued by the certificate authority (CA). It prevents the broadcaster from the pirated eyes so that their videos and contents can’t be copied or downloaded.

A valid HTTPS connection specifies that the user has a valid TLS certificate and data exchange between the users and broadcaster will be encrypted automatically. This also ensures that your secret keys can not be intercepted by any other if you have a valid HTTPS connection.

Password Protected

Password protection is a simple and powerful way to allow access to your content and videos to limited audiences. In order to keep the focus on encrypting your content, protecting your videos and other files using passwords protect you in keeping your data safe.

If you’re using password protection to keep your videos safe and secure then keep changing your password at a regular interval. This will help you in restricting users and also prevent your data and videos.


HLS encryption secures your streaming video to prevent it from pirated eyes and restrict unauthorized access. It also encrypts the stored video contents and files. Thus, HLS encryption is a way to keep your online videos and contents safe and secure.

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