How To Choose The Best Encoder For Your Business

In the earlier post, we had learned about the “Encoder” and there we have also discussed the hardware and software encoding.

Before considering an encoding for your delivering your streaming videos to the audiences, you have to determine the following parameters:-

  • Type of audience you are addressing with your content.
  • Websites and platforms where you should stream.
  • What kind of a streaming setup you are using.

If you have already invested in equipment like- Computers, Cameras, and Capture cards, then you can check the compatibility by looking at the features of encoders.

Let’s dive in to see in detail about the specific features of an encoder that will help you in choosing the right encoding for your business.

Operating Systems Compatibility

The compatibility of encoding with your operating system is very essential for the smooth operations. A software encoder requires your system performance as well as an operating system to stream your video content. There are many software encoders that are designed for the specific operating system. Encoding software like Wirecast is compatible with both Mac and Windows while software encoders like VidBlasterX and vMix are Windows-only applications.

Support For Network Device Interface (NDI) 

Designed by NewTek technology, the network device interface is specially designed for broadcasting and streaming services. An encoder with NDI support can help you to communicate, deliver, and receive broadcast-quality video in high-quality and low-latency rates. Always choose an encoding that allows you to pass video feeds and other data between multiple computers on the same network. It makes your video frame-accurate and makes your streaming suitable for switching in a live production environment.

Dependence On The Host

Choosing a software encoding for your streaming will require a dependency on your system while choosing a hardware encoder for your live streaming will share a load of your system with the external hardware called GPU. If you have a relevant high-performance system for your streaming videos then a software encoder is the best for your use. VideoEncrypt is a high-end software encoder when it comes to latency and quality.

Promotes Multiple Bitrate Streaming

As the streaming videos are becoming popular, viewers are demanding and expecting the high-quality, interruption-free streaming experience. The internet speed of the viewers is always a consideration. Choosing an encoder that supports multiple-bitrate while streaming your videos is the best way to provide a great viewing experience to your viewers. VideoEncrypt live streaming services allow you to deliver your live streaming using multiple-bitrate.

Support For Video Conferencing

When it comes to supporting video conferencing and providing a good video quality, encoding is the best to provide a lagging free video conferencing to the users. VideoEncrypt has made it possible to share your live streaming and live conversation with the user, client, and employee of different remote locations with integrated tools for video conferencing in a live stream.


I hope this article has helped you in knowing the all specific features of an encoder. Keeping these all specific features in mind while considering an encoder will help you in choosing the right encoding for your business. If you are new and want to get into live streaming then software encoding will be a better choice for you in comparison to the hardware encoding.

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