How To Develop A Successful Mobile Video Strategy

In recent years, the rate of consuming videos has changed drastically has no visible end in sight.

People are becoming more relevant in streaming videos over the smartphone and this trend is increasing among the people.

Here, we will learn about the key elements for creating a successful mobile video strategy.

Key Elements For Creating A Successful Mobile Video Strategy

As mentioned, video streaming over smartphones has become an integral part of the learners and the mobile video strategy content providers see it as paramount to engage and retain their users.

Determining Mobile Browsers And Apps

Mobile browsers and apps are the two options that are available to deliver video content to users. Apps can create weak points as it limits to launch a particular app and the user needs to download it to deliver your video content. Sometimes it doesn’t support the user smartphones and creates problems in delivering your videos content to every user. 

You can deliver your video content through the mobile browser but sometimes resource requirements might increase because it needs an inbuilt player or add-on player. This may detract the users who prefer viewing videos via the mobile browser.

Selecting Mobile Platforms And Devices 

A recent report of consumer stats shows that the users have currently two preferences for streaming videos which are iOS and Android platforms. Besides these reports we also recommend to the content provider to review their own internal data. This way, you can better understand the platforms that your users prefer.

Reviewing these kind of statics of the users saves you time and resources in delivering your video content in the long run. This kind of data can provide you their viewing habits and preferences because many operating systems are highly fragmented on different types of devices.

Reducing Video Ads Length

Mobile streaming videos is growing rapidly and its share of about 71% of total digital ads in 2019. If you are seeking to enable ads to the contents of your video then you have to consider an ideal format of ads and the optimal ad length.

This will help you in developing an ad approach that will not cause your viewers to leave over time so try to keep the ads time between 12 seconds to 8 seconds and will keep them engaged. Keeping your ads time between 15 to 30 seconds can irritate your learners. Keeping the numbers of views in mind you can add your ads before the video plays.

Enhancing View-Ability And Audibility

These are the two factors that determine the quality and experience of your video content. It only depends on you how you can use these two things to engage your users in your videos.

You can add special effects, graphics, infographics, comics characters, GIFs to make your videos more interesting. To make your audio more engaging you can add special tunes, sound effects, etc. to your videos.


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