How To Engage Your Audiences Through Interactive Live Conferencing

Do you want to engage your audience for a longer time?

Interactive live conferencing offers you more engagement with audiences, creates the impression of your brand, and provides a better experience to your audience.

Hosting interactive live conferencing using modern platforms is a way to engage your audience as well as boosts your business.

In this article, we at VideoEncrypt will discuss the interactive live conferencing and the ways through which you can host your interactive live conferencing.

What Is Interactive Live Conferencing? 

Similar to live video streaming, interactive live streaming is a way to engage your audience. Interactive live conferencing technology influences your audience in real-time and your audiences can react to your live conference as well as they can comment on their reactions on your live conferencing. 

Interactive conferencing not only influence your audiences but they also keep them engaged for a longer time by allowing them to do various interactivity while being in the video conference.

Ways To Use Interactive Live Conferencing

Hosting interactive live conferencing is a way to grow your brand and businesses on a large scale. Analyzing the proper market condition and taking on account the demand and need of today’s audience can help you in hosting a live conferencing for your audiences. Along with the various features of the interactive conferencing, it allows your audience to interact with you. Audiences can express their feelings, reactions, and feedback for your conference in real-time.

Although, there are various ways for which interactive conferencing can be used. Here we discuss the three main ways for which an interactive live conferencing can be used.

Motivate Your Audience

Whether you’re an online trainer, course developer, or online influencer, motivating your audience always works in the growth of your business. When you will use an interactive conferencing system for interacting with the audience then there are more chances that they will engage with your conference and will listen to you.

Many eLearning course developers and online trainers are using interactive conferences for their audiences to motivate their audiences. It boosts their interaction with the target audience as they can ask questions in real-time which adds more value to them.

Promotion Of Products

Interactive conferencing platforms are highly engaging in nature that can expand the reach of your online presence among the audience. Promoting your product and services using interactive conferencing can increase your reach and spark interest among the audiences. 

Determine your target audience and create compelling content so that it could deliver all the features and benefits of your product and services. You can also record your promotion to make it available for the promotion on the different platforms. You can also redistribute its copy and make it available on-demand.

Q&A Session

With the interactive live conferencing, you can easily host a Q&A session for your audience. A live Q&A session makes your conference interesting for your audience and adds more value to your business. Q&A session is based and tailored according to the interests and needs of the audience so it boosts the level of interaction with your target audience.

As a host, you can resolve the query and problem of your audience in real-time. Taking questions from the comments of the audience and starting a discussion can be extremely helpful for them. These questions will help you in making your product and services better. 


I hope this article has helped you in determining the aspects of an interactive live conferencing software. Anyone can easily use this conferencing system to increase their business and brand value. It can increase your sales and can bring the maximum ROI. We at VideoEncrypt provide you interactive conferencing software as well as provide encryption to secure your videos.

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