How to Launch And Monetize Your eLearning Videos

Technology has improved the way of learning and educational content worldwide.

Live streaming videos and offline videos are dominating the eLearning video courses market.

eLearning videos are transforming the way we learn, interact, collaborate, and share knowledge.

According to a recent survey, the global enterprise video market by 2022 is expected to reach $40 billion.

In this article, we will discuss how to launch your eLearning videos and the way you can monetize it. 

How To Launch Your OVP For eLearning Videos 

Almost every course developers want to launch their own video platforms to make their educational video content and live streaming videos available to a wider audience. 

Having your own online video education platform provides a rich learning experience as well as increases learner’s engagement. It helps you in delivering organized videos contents of different topics to your learners and keeps your directories of recordings, entries, blogs, and other stuff. 

Online video platforms like- VideoEncrypt organize your videos and recordings in one place. Learners can access your eLearning content anytime and from anywhere in the world.

In order to launch your eLearning videos, you will need a good Online Video Platform (OVP). OVP provides you the tools and reliability that are necessary for delivering your videos. Considering OVP like- VideoEncrypt can help you out with the launching of your platform and makes your eLearning business more popular. 

Configure it using an API. This will integrate all your existing systems with the Online Video Platform.  

VideoEncrypt OVP works on adaptive streaming. It delivers the highest quality stream even at the slow internet connection and adjusts quality according to the speed of the internet. 

How To Monetize Your eLearning Videos 

Monetization of education videos is not something new or really hard, because these days there is so much content on the Internet, that users are willing to pay.

Monetization Through Subscription Model

Monetization using a subscription model means learners will pay you a normal monthly fee in return for accessing your video contents and course library. A learner has full access to all your video library and other material by subscribing to your OVP. 

Subscription models are best for learners who are willing to learn a variety of courses. You can collect subscription fees monthly, quarterly, and even on a yearly basis. It provides a more reliable income for content creators and generates more revenue.

Monetization Through Pay-Per-View (PPV) 

Pay-per-view is the most widely accepted monetization method. Many course developers are using this model to generate revenue for their courses. In pay-per-view, a learner only pays for a video lecture or live streaming for a single time viewing. This type of monetization is the best for learners who want to learn individual courses.

PPV monetization is very affordable and learners are charged according to the type of the courses. You can also monetize your long courses by converting them into bite-sized chunks courses using PPV. 

Monetization Using AVOD Model

AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) is the most common and basic method of monetization. You generate revenue with the help of advertisement on your online video platform (OVP). When learners access your courses then you can place ads at the start of the course, middle, and at the last of your course video. 

You can likewise implement web-based advertising like- video ads, banners ads, etc. and other promotional ads during the video and on the web pages to monetize your eLearning videos courses.


I hope this article will help in launching your eLearning videos courses and have also put insight into the main ways to monetize your eLearning video course business. We at VideoEncrypt provide you an integrated online video platform (OVP) for your educational business. We would like to hear from your side. For more details, you can contact us at [email protected] or comment below.  

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