How To Make Your Video Conferencing More Productive

Whether video conferencing calls are breaking up your workflow and decreasing the productivity levels?

Employees spend their precious time in the meeting room and half of them complain that their video conference calls as a waste of time. 

Effective communication is very much essential for the smooth operation of any business.

At VideoEncrypt, we will discuss what we can do to make video conferencing calls more productive.

Make Your Video Conferencing More Productive

Video conferencing has become the best meeting choice for many organizations for remote work. Seeing someone face to face makes the remote employees more comfortable and generates their interest in participating in video conferencing. Hosting a productive conference call is a critical task in today’s work environment.

Here are some of the best tips to make your video conferencing more productive.

Set Up The Right Equipment

Equipment like camera, microphone, cables, speakers, and lighting should also be taken into consideration while setting up video conferencing calls. Achieve a proper installation and setup of these types of equipment for a smooth and disturbance-free video conferencing.

Ensure that the whole equipment is working well before starting a video conferencing session to avoid delays. Troubleshooting and setting up the equipment while ongoing video conferencing is very embarrassing, irritating and wastage of time for the interacting person.

A High Bandwidth Connection

The quality of your video conferencing depends heavily on the bandwidth of your connection. A high bandwidth internet connection for your conferencing will ensure zero delay and buffering lags while making a video conferencing.

A cloud-based HD video conferencing requires a high bandwidth internet connection. A slow connection can delay and slow down the video conference and will take more buffer lags. It can also the sharing and transferring of files and documents between the participants.

Use The Right Tool

To make your video conferencing meetings smooth and flexible, the right tool or software platform is very necessary. Using the right video conferencing tools like- VideoEncrypt conferencing platform allows you to share screens, files, and documents. 

The right tool can make your conference more productive and help the remote participants to actively participate in the conference and stay engaged. It allows the host to ensure that all participants are following the ongoing conference and make them engaged throughout.

Create Topic And Set Goals For The Conference

Preparing a topic and goals before the conference and sending out to the participants will let them in knowing what exactly they are going to be discussed at the conference. A definite goal of your video conferencing can generate more interest and keeps the participants more engaged throughout the conference.

For maximum productivity, participants can prepare their contributions in advance before the meeting instead of wasting valuable time tracking down data on the spot. This will show participants the importance of each issue and the levels of details you are going to discuss for the created topic of the video conference.

Keep Your Meetings Professional

To make your meetings more productive, try to keep your video conferencing more professional. Make sure that the participants should not talk about the personal stuff between the conference. Don’t allow anyone to talk away from the topic.

Maintaining professionalism and limiting the non-work related chatter helps in engaging participants and keep them engaged throughout the conference. Thus a professional meeting makes your conference more productive.

Keep Other Participants Muted 

Backgrounds noise like- street noise, chatting, people typing, etc. can distract the other participants during video conferencing. For a productive video conference, make sure that every other participant has muted their audio except the participant who is speaking. 

This helps every other participant to hear clearly and communicate responsibly. This helps in keeping the meeting more focused.


I hope that these tips will definitely help you in getting more out of your video conferencing calls. A smart video conferencing solution can make your online conferencing more productive and successful. For more information on your video conferencing solutions for your business, you can contact us at [email protected]

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