How To Setup A Live Video Streaming For Your Business

Do you want to launch a live video streaming for your business?

Live stream videos maximize your audience, revenue, and popularity and make your business successful.

Setting up a high-performance live video stream makes your business more professional.

In this post, we will learn about the guidelines that are necessary while setting up a live video streaming.

Let’s Dive In to outline the best practices for a live video stream.

How To Set Up A Live Video Streaming

With the advancement in technology, now it is easier than ever before to launch a live video stream. Anyone can get started with live video streaming in just a moment using a smartphone. However, to set up a professional live video streaming it takes a lot of effort and hard work. Let’s follow some of the guidelines to set up a professional live video streaming for your business.

Create A Rich Content 

For a successful live video stream, rich content is a basic key. Content solely depends on the nature of your business. You have to create a plan for your live videos. Find out what your audience is interested in and then come up with a plan that targets your audience will attract them toward live streaming and will keep them engaged.

You have to create rich content that should attract your audience. Show your strength, advantages and values, who your audience is, and many other factors. Once you have good content, you can invest all you want in marketing and promotions.

Promote Your Live Streaming

To make your live streaming a huge success, you will have to create a solid marketing plan. This will help you in reaching your target audiences. You can promote your live video streaming using the following methods: 

  • Advertising 
  • Email campaign
  • Social media posting
  • Website posting

You can also include the people who have attended your previous live streaming. Make sure to target your audience through your promotion or toward your core audience. This way you can maximize your audience and the success of your event.

Choose The Right Streaming Platform 

A right streaming platform or online video platform can increase the productivity of your live streaming videos. An online video platform allows you to host your video content, delivers your live streams, and provides user-friendly tools to manage and organize your video content.

There are many live video streaming platforms, some are quite expensive while some are more affordable as varied on the basis of features. So choose a video platform like- VideoEncrypt which easily fits in your pocket. It has customizable branding, APIs, cloud recording, monetization, and secures your live streaming videos.

Testing And Set Up Of The Equipment

It requires a lot of equipment for hosting a professional live video streaming. All these equipment needs to be purchased, configured and set up before you go for a live event. These equipment are- Cameras, Microphones, Encoders, Cables, Batteries, etc.

Once you have done the setup, ensure that your whole setup works well together. If possible, try to live stream for several days in advance of your main event so that you can check the proper function. This will make your live event a huge success and free from technical failures.


We hope that this article has put insight into key elements for a successful live video streaming to grow your business. With a professional online video platform like – VideoEncrypt, it is easy to broadcast live video streaming.
If you have any additional questions about how to set up your live video stream then contact us or write us to [email protected] and visit:

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