How WebRTC Secure And Enhance Your Video Conferencing

Do people often ask whether WebRTC secure or not? 

WebRTC has a number of security measures that ensure your video conferencing and keeps your data secure.

WebRTC not only secures your conferencing but also enhances your video conferencing with its benefits.

In this article, we will discuss how WebRTC is secure and the way it enhances your video conferencing.

How WebRTC Secure Your Video Conferencing

Encryption Technology

WebRTC secure uses encryption technology to your video conferencing connection from one end to another end to establish a secure connection. It uses a secure key to exchange the data. Your video conferencing is secured through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) keys which are used by secure real-time transport protocol to encrypt and decrypt the video conferencing. Thus, we can say that encryption technology makes your video conferencing highly secure and makes it impossible to break for the pirated eyes.

Browser Protection

As we have already discussed WebRTC secure and we know that it allows you to do various interactivity right from the browser and you don’t have to install any software nor any plugins. It is enacted directly between browsers without the need for plugins. The browser helps in providing an extra level of protection against malware and viruses and quickly address threats or any vulnerabilities to host directly. This makes the WebRTC ideal for exchanging voice and video conferencing right from the browser.

Authenticated Media Access

It is not possible for a WebRTC based video conferencing system to access your media source like- camera, microphone, etc. of your device without authentication. WebRTC secure based applications always ask its user to allow access to the media device whenever a device is in use, it indicates it in the user UI and on their devices. Thus, WebRTC makes your video conferencing secure and also allows a secure transfer of media.

How WebRTC Enhance Your Video Conferencing

WebRTC with its various advantages helps you to place your meetings and video conferencing instantly without installing any software and plugins. Anyone can join the conference directly from the web browser by clicking on the link. Let us discuss the various benefits of WebRTC secure that enhance your video conferencing.

1. Independent Of Platform and Devices 

WebRTC integrates with a wide range of apps and is easily accessible on major browsers and devices which makes it independent of platform and devices. WebRTC is based on HTML5 programming language and makes use of HTML5 APIs, which is the same as the design of the web browser which makes it ultra-lightweight and makes it independent of platform and devices. 

2. Lower Latency Rate

Software and plugin based video conferencing always lags and sometimes it fails due to a higher latency rate. While WebRTC with the lower latency rate gives a more accessible end-user experience to all. Due to lower latency rates, WebRTC makes it possible to deliver the quickest method for transporting the video across the internet.

3. Quickly Adapts The Network Conditions

WebRTC quickly adapts to the network connection and allows you to place your video conferencing regardless of network condition. It uses adaptive network encoding so that the video can be playback even in the poor network connection. With adaptive bitrate streaming, the streaming of the video adjusts during playback at the publishing side and provides multiple encodings so that the publisher can generate the multiple streams at variable bitrate without compromising in the quality.


I hope this article has helped you in making you aware that WebRTC not only secures your video conferencing but also enhances the quality of your conferencing by providing a better use-experience to the users.

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