Launching Your Online Video Education Platform

Online videos in the education sector are creating a revolution and are high in demand.

Almost every course creator are turning toward online video education and launching their own platform.

Do you want to launch your online video platform for your educational business?

Today, we at VideoEncrypt will help you in learning about how we can launch an online video platform and what features you will need while choosing an online video platform.

Integrate Your Videos With Your LMS

An LMS like WPLMS allows you to integrate your video hosting platform with your LMS and provide native support to your videos. Integrating with LMS helps your students in a better understanding of your online courses and keeps them engaged.  

When you are building a video hosting platform, make sure that you have access to video API. With this API you can easily integrate your videos with your existing educational websites. 

How To Launch Your Online Video Platform?

1. Decide the necessary features that you required for hosting, creating and sharing your online data and information.

2. It should configure with the existing system and see how your API feature integrates with your existing system.

3. When the online videos are being shared among the learners, it should share the library of the videos with the learners.

4. Use your Online Video Platform(OVP)  to promote your online videos and analytics dashboard to refine your videos easily.

How To Secure Your Video Hosting Platform

Securing your online videos while hosting your video from unwanted threats is very important. Breaching of your data can be done easily and all your effort is wasted if they succeed in stealing your online videos.

You need a variety of security features to secure your online videos. We at VideoEncrypt provide online security features to secure your online videos.

Features Of Online Video Education Platform 

1. Compatible Adaptive Streaming

Your video hosting platform should deliver videos at a compatible adaptive streaming rate according to the user devices and their internet speed. You should look for an online video platform with HTML5 video delivery via HLS protocol. 

2. Delivers High-Quality Content

To deliver the standard quality of contents to your learners you require a  CDN (content delivery network). Online video education platform delivers high-quality content by using a standard CDN and attract more learners and keep them engaged.

3. Integrate With Social Media Platform

People are becoming active on social media networks and share their interest and feedback. Your Online video platform should integrate with social media platforms for the sharing of your video content. This gives more exposure to your courses and helps in attracting and engaging a large mass of learners through social media networks.

4. Monetization Of Video Content

Your educational video platform should provide monetized video content such as seminars and professional courses to the learners. Monetize your video course content is by using the pay-per-view model by implementing video pay-walls. It is more profitable to monetize your video courses than advertising on the website.


In my opinion,  choose an online video platform that should make your job easier. There are several video platforms available nowadays so choosing a live video platform can be a tough task for you. Have an overview of the top trending online video platform and consider these important features of an online video platform will definitely help you in making your decision. 
The best video streaming platform guarantees all the features outlined above and much more. If you are interested in getting started with an online education LMS and videos platform then you should consider VideoEncrypt which is an online video platform that includes all the features that are described above and much more!

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