Live Q&A: A Tool To Engage Your Audience

Do you want to engage and interact with your audience in real-time?

As a live broadcaster or online course creator, direct engagement with your audience means more eyeballs, growth, and more impact.

Whether it is a live chat or Live Q&A each of our live tools offers you a potential way to engage with your audience.

Here at VideoEncrypt, we will learn how it works, benefits and how can you enhance the engagement of your audience. 

Interaction Helps In Better Audience Engagement

In today’s era of online learning, the audience wants their questions to be heard and answered. Live Q&A is a simple way to interact with your audiences to answer their questions. Any brand or organization can host live Q&A events on their website. You can also host your live events on your custom website or on any social media platform.

With the implementation of live Q&A on your custom website, you can see the result as more and more audience is engaged with your presentation and courses. You can also control the experience of your audience while using live Q&A by integrating it with your custom website.

Live Q&A: An Interactive Way To Engage Learners

As an online course creator, have you ever presented your presentation or courses without being interrupted by the questions asked by the learner during your courses? Does the question from the learners make you lose focus or disrupt the flow of your courses? 

Live Q&A is an interactive way to smoothly run your presentations and online courses. It enables your audience to ask questions whenever they like during the presentation or courses without interruption by using Live Q&A. This helps you in keeping control of the audience. You can answer their questions when you feel the time is right. 

How to Live Q&A Works

You can conduct Q&A on your custom websites as live Q&A seamlessly integrate with your website. 

Live Q&A is conducted through the audience chat feature. The most recent questions asked by the audience will appear in real-time.

Viewers can easily submit their questions and you can easily answer their questions during the live stream.

Viewers can upvote other’s questions as well as your answers. This will let you know which questions are more likely to answer and where they are lacking while learning with your courses.

Live Q&A Enhances Engagement Of Audiences

You can easily manage your presentation in front of a large audience through live Q&A without interruption.

You can enable participants to ask questions whenever you like in the middle of the course or at the end of courses.

Giving chances to every learner to have their questions heard while attending your presentation or courses enhances their engagement.

Users can ask questions anonymously which creates an engaging environment to attract more learners.

Benefits Of Using Live Q&A

It provides the opportunity for every audience to get involved in Live Q&A and drive discussions that are rewarding.

With live Q&A interaction, you can connect with your audiences while getting insights on their follow-ups.

You can create small groups of questions asked by the audience as it can be incredibly useful while talking about sensitive topics.

Live Q&A enables you to manage questions from the audience quickly and easily without using any extra tech.


In my opinion, Live Q&A is a simple, effective way to involve and engage your audiences. It can boost your audience engagement and takes your brand to a new height of popularity. VideoEncrypt offers you an easy-to-use, powerful live engagement tool for our custom website to engage your audience even more.

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