Live Webinar: How To Host And Monetize It

Are you an expert in your niche and looking for profitable webinars?

Webinars mean hosting an online event, meeting, workshop, or conference which can be attended by anyone. 

Webinar removes barriers of geographical location which makes it perfect for marketing and sales medium to generate profits. 

Today we at VideoEncrypt will learn how to host a live webinar and later we will discuss the several ways to monetize a live webinar.

How To Host Your Live Webinar

The webinar was created a revolution in the way we communicate and interact with the audiences. A live webinar helps you to share your ideas and knowledge easily. A live webinar is easy to set up and it provides an even easier way to the audiences for attending and participating in your live webinar. 

Choose The Right Tool

To get the best webinar experience, you have to choose the best tools. This means having the best hardware such as webcams and computing devices that should be capable of meeting a live web conferencing needs. 

There are a number of webinar software that have various functions and support super-fast digital connections to provide the best experience of your meeting. We at VideoEncrypt provides you the best tool to meet your requirements.

Select The Right Time

To make your webinar successful, you have to select the right time to telecast your live webinar. While selecting a proper time you have to keep in mind about the time zones because your webinar is not bounded by geographical restrictions.

A weekend holiday or analyzing the time when more learners engage with your courses will be a suitable time for your webinar. The convenience of your audiences to join your live webinar will make your webinar a huge success.

Market Your Webinar

The topic of your webinar should be clear, concise and eye-catching so that it can attract more audiences toward your live webinar. You have to be motivating and energizing to market offline and online to maximize the interest of your learners.

Create a landing page, hashtags, and social media campaigns to get the more audiences attracted to your courses. Convey your message properly so that it reflects a clear content of discussions of your live webinar.

Invite Your Audiences

Till now, you are all set for your webinar and now you have to invite your audiences to participate in your live webinar. You can use digital messages and emails to invite them to your live webinar. This will give a rough idea about the no. of people who are going to engage with your live webinar. 

Ways To Monetize Your Webinars

Hosting a live webinar is a straightforward way to monetize and make money. If you are an expert and audiences want to listen to you again and again then hosting a paid webinar will be a better option to share your knowledge and expertise again and again. 

Registration Fees

To make money from your online events you can collect registration fees in order to join your live event. This type of monetization generally works for online education seminars and lectures. You have to integrate a payment gateway into your webinar platforms to collect the registration fees from the audiences.

Selling Product And Services

You can easily launch and introduce your product and services by explaining and popularizing your products and services. Audiences can buy your product and services after watching a profound webinar. Include a buy button in the video or at least a link in the description. You can get the money when audiences successfully purchase your product.

PPV Recordings

Not everyone finds the time to attend the live webinar. Record and edit your recent successful webinar, upload it as a video on your website and allow access for the audiences while paying charge per view. This will help you in generating a regular flow of income with no extra effort.

Marketing Of Product

If you are an expert and audiences follow you then try to tie up with some brands or companies to advertise their products and services during your webinar to make money when audiences purchase their products and services through your link.

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