Productive Video Conference For The Distributed Team

Productive Video conference is a way to connect with the employees and allow them to work in a team even from their homes.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a drastic change in the way we work, collaborate, and operate our businesses.

Many organizations have already offered flexible work schedules for their employees and allow them to work from home.

In this article, we will discuss how productive video conference is making your distributed team more productive while working remotely.

Productive Video Conference For Distributed Team

In simple terms, a productive video conference is a collaboration tool that easily connects two or more people virtually. Many organizations and business leaders are using video conferencing to connect with their employees. In this situation when many organizations are working remotely, video conferencing is a way to connect effectively in real-time. 

Employees are guided over the productive video conference. Organizations are providing instructions, tips, and advice to the employees so that can work effectively to bring the maximum for their organization.

Instant Team Meetings

While working in an office, employees used to have a quick discussion among them while working on a particular project. They help each other while working by simply walking over to their colleague’s desk. But while from home their performance and productivity have decreased. VideoEncrypt conferencing service allows employees to connect with their team members in real-time. A team member can connect with other members directly or by inviting them to a virtual meeting room to have a quick and informal working session.

Corporate Meetings And Training Sessions

While working as a distributed workforce, it is essential to conduct corporate meetings as a means to keep all employees up to date on important events and milestones in the company. This is especially important for employees to know what they are going to do in the future. Regular team meetings and providing them training sessions can enhance their productivity to a great extent. VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you to connect with the endless number of participants and allows you to create a collaborative and stimulating working environment.  

One-To-One Meetings

One-to-one meetings with the employees allow managers to influence them working from their homes. This will help them in knowing that the manager is putting an effort to work effectively. At the same time, an employee can easily discuss their queries and questions with their team leaders or manager. Thus, video conferencing allows managers to brainstorm new ideas, talk through obstacles, and collaborate on projects effectively for the employees while working from home. Video conferencing allows you to easily manage remote employees

Generate Leads and Connect with Customers

Productive Video conference is a great way to collaborate and join meetings with your clients and customers. It helps you in generating leads without going to their personal offices. You can use video conferencing service as a means to launch a product by inviting your target audience to join your product launch virtually. Even your sales team can generate leads by hosting a video conferencing with the clients. Thus, video conferencing is a great tool for communicating, training, and connecting with your client and customer.


As the organizations around the globe continue to work from home, many organizations are preparing to establish a hybrid workplace model with a mix of office employees and remote workers. Implementing video conferencing for your workspaces is an efficient method to work effectively. Collaboration with remote employees and distributed teams makes them more productive and enhances their performance.

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