Stop Piracy With VideoEncrypt Watermarking Tool

Video piracy has dramatically increased and has become big business for the pirated eyes.

Video piracy has gone realtime from illegal downloads to live stream recording.

Watermarking tool is a way to protect your videos and digital content from the pirated eyes and it also stops piracy. 

In this article, we will learn about video watermarking, why we need a watermarking tool, and the several features of video watermarking tools.

What Is Video Watermarking?

A video copyright disclaimer only shows that the video content is yours but can’t prevent unauthorized use. Therefore, the pirated eye can easily copy your content and can make it easily available. 

Video watermarking is a visible embedded overlay of a text, logo, or brand name of your organization on the video contents and the live streaming session. Watermark on your digital content makes it more difficult for the pirated eyes who illegally copy your content as it shows the brand name and logo throughout the video. The watermark helps in identifying the real owner of the work and also discourages its unauthorized use.

Why We Need Video Watermarking Tool

The illegal distribution of your live streaming, movies, and other valuable content is easily available over the web and creating a significant threat to the growth and revenue of your organization. Pirated easily copy your valuable content and use it for their promotions and generate revenue by distributing all over the web.

Therefore, in order to meet the requirement of this situation, we at VideoEncrypt provide you with the possible means of limiting this type of digital theft from pirated eyes by using a “video watermarking tool” for your live streaming sessions and other digital content. It embeds your brand logo or name in the host video and helps the user in identifying the owner of the video content.

Features Of Video Watermarking Tools

We at VideoEncrypt always keen on providing the best solution for the security of your digital content. We use client-side watermarking technology for your live streaming videos and on-demand videos. Now, let’s take a look at the several features of the video watermarking tool.


Implemented in just a few steps, the VideoEncrypt watermarking tool is fast and easy to place your watermark logo and brand name on the live streaming videos and other offline contents. It extracts your watermark logo and place in your videos in seconds.


Watermarking using client-side methods can not be removed using any type of software. It stays whenever your video or live streaming is being played. This helps you in protecting your content from the pirated eyes and can be easily seen even they record, encode, change aspect ratios, or download your videos.

Supports Multi Devices

When it comes to future-proofing, our watermarking tool supports all browsers and can be easily accessible across all mobile devices platforms. This helps you in providing extra security to your videos across multiple platforms.

Zero Latency Rate

Many user face the problem of the difference between the picture quality and the watermark logo. With a zero-latency rate, the watermarking tool allows you to deliver the best picture quality to your user. The watermark does not impinge on the picture quality.


I hope this article will help you in protecting your valuable content from the pirated eyes. Using the VideoEncrypt watermarking tool for your live streaming and digital content can help you a lot in securing your content. It supports automated watermarking of through our API and add your logos, symbols, or text to your digital contents. Encrypt your videos into secure video streams protected by the WordPress login system. Video Conferencing via BigBlueButton Open Source integrated with WordPress.

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