Tips For Online Tutors To Make Your Live Streaming Training Successful

Technology has transformed the world of education and the way of learning of the students. 

Many Tutors are using live webinars, online videos, and online classes to educate their students.

Beyond all these, live streaming is a powerful tool to keep your learners engaged.

In this blog, we will discuss the basic live streaming tips that will help you in making your event successful.

Create Good Content 

Good content is always regarded. A learner always wants to learn from you if you provide them quality content whether it is live streaming or regular online courses. Always create content that can meet the training expectations of the students and can engage more learners in live streaming.

While creating content always keep in mind that you have to present this on live streaming. You have to present in such a way that it should be in the camera view without distorting.

Must-Have Equipment

To make your live broadcasting successful, you need a camera and a microphone to match the quality of sound and video like a real classroom. Unlike many professionals, investing in a professional camera and recording equipment is not absolutely necessary in the educational live streaming event. We recommend that you invest in high-quality equipment.

Sometimes, while delivering live training you have to present a slideshow presentation for the learners and only your audio is necessary. Your broadcast should be of high quality because poor quality streaming will lose a student’s focus.

A Compelling Video Platform

Choosing a streaming platform is the most important part of live education broadcasting. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or old in delivering online training, always choose a streaming platform that is affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

Online video streaming platforms like- VideoEncrypt helps in streaming your live training in just a few steps. It comes with powerful streaming features such as- access to viewer numbers, monitoring, and analytics of the learners, duration of the learners, engagement rates of the learners, etc.

Good Internet Connection

A secure connection is basic and must need to continue your live streaming training. To deliver good training make sure that you have a good internet connection. A good connection makes your live streaming error-free without any interruptions. We recommend you a connection of minimum 1Mbps speed to deliver a high-quality stream.

A slow connection can be the cause of the interruption of your training. It can disengage your learners from live streaming. This can lead to demotivation for you and as well as for the learners.

A Good Video Encoder

A video encoder is a hardware device that compresses the size of your live streaming videos. There are two types of encoders- hardware and software that can stream your live event without buffering. It helps you in delivering a smooth live streaming training to the viewers who don’t have a strong internet connection.

It depends on your budget whether you choose encoding software or a hardware encoder, hardware encoders are more costly as compared to software encoders.


I hope this blog will help you in making your live streaming successful. Once you have created good content, set up all the equipment, set up your online video platform with an internet connection then it is time to start your live stream. Following these five steps will create the best live streaming training ever.

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