Tips To Improve Your Virtual Presentation On Video Conference

Virtual presentations are rapidly becoming the norm in our day-to-day professional lives.

It acts as a useful sales tool that improves the engagement of the audiences and clients.

An engaging virtual presentation attracts more audiences and provides you maximum ROI. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the important tips to present your virtual presentation while being on the video conference.

Keep Your Content Short 

Good content is always appreciated so try to keep your content short and simple. While being on the video conference, give a concise and straightforward presentation so that it can attract your client and customer.

Creating compelling visuals and good content make your presentation better. Great visual slide enhances your audience to take action and keep them interested in your presentation. Talk about the benefits of your products and services, overcome objections to make it easy for your audience to get involved.

Make Your Presentation Engaging

Audiences viewing your virtual presentations get easily distracted than a typical meeting. There is a huge difference between giving a presentation in the office conference room and on the live video conferencing. The audience in the office conference room doesn’t get easily distracted while the audience on the video conference keep themselves indulged in various activities.

Therefore, creating an engaging presentation can easily keep them focused and connected with you. You can use interactive images and graphics to make your presentation more engaging and interesting.

Close Unnecessary Tabs

After completing a compelling content, now it’s time to create an effective environment so that the audiences can easily interact with your presentation. The first few moments of your presentation are enough to impress your client or customer. Thus closing all your unnecessary tabs will create a good impression on the viewer’s mind.

Having so many tabs opened can distract the mind of the viewers and no one wants to enjoy watching a presentation on the scrambled desktop. It can share your sensitive and personal data inadvertently. Thus it can lead to the break flow of your presentation.

Test Your Equipment

Keeping an eye on the software and hardware of the conferencing software whether it is working or not working properly will help you in giving an error-free presentation. If you gave your virtual presentation without knowing that the content wasn’t showing on the screen of the audience then it is very embarrassing and they will easily avoid your presentation.

Before giving your virtual presentation, make sure to test your mic, camera, internet connection, speakers, and connecting cables. If possible try to go live before the scheduled day to check the working and performance of the whole setup. This will help you in fixing the error and helps you in delivering a good presentation.

Record Your Presentation 

Recording your live presentation is always worth it for you. Depending on the audience’s demand, you can make it available at an instant of time. In fact, you and your client can rewatch the presentation to get some of the crucial details of your presentation.

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you to record and share your presentations. It basically creates a video file of the recorded presentation on your local disk. You can also share the link to the recording with your audiences and clients.


I hope this article will help you in giving a good virtual presentation. Implementing the above-discussed parameters can make your virtual presentation a huge success. If you are looking for better video conferencing software that can allow you to share your presentation with the audiences then contact us at [email protected] or comment below. Check also WPLMS appointments for video call meeting.

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