With so many options available in 2019 “Video Conference” has got the first place at all levels of business. It acts as a tool to keep the employees connected with one another in an organization.

With an increase in remote work, it is important to choose the right video conference solution for your business.

Our recommendation for Top Video Conference Services in 2019. This will help you in finding the best options available at all levels of business.

What to expect in 2019:-

The technological trends have majorly impacted the demand for video conference services and emerge as one of the most effective modes of communication for decision making. The use of this mode not only increases work efficiency but also reduces the costs associated with employees meetings. Remote workers and mobile employees can communicate with one another in a more immersive format. 

Currently, the value of the enterprise video conferencing market is expected to accelerate to $20 billion by 2024.

Rising implementation of technological innovations has left most enterprises with little choice other than to develop and use modern conference rooms equipped with the facilities of flexible video conferencing. There are mainly three technological trends that are defining the video conference industry growth:-

1. Changing technology landscape like – Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

2. The establishment of conferencing facilities worldwide and has impacted on the market outlook.

3. The adaptation of the cloud-based video conference services is the rising popularity and has encouraged companies to adopt it and has delivered top-notch services in the video conferencing industry. 

Features of video conference services:-


The number of participants plays a great role in choosing a video conference service. Some service providers limit the number of participants to under 10 while some providers can accommodate thousand at one time. So you have to choose the perfect provider according to the size of your business.

Video and audio quality:-

Video and audio quality are the key components of any conference. The quality should be good enough so that it should not provide distractions to users on the other end. While choosing the conference services make sure that the audio and video qualities are in good working order.

Dial-in Numbers:- 

There are several times when not everyone is able to join a video conference. To provide those participants with a way to join, most video conference solutions provide dial-in numbers to call and can listen to the audio-only.

Screen sharing:- 

One of the most important features is the ability for presenters to share their desktops. A huge benefit of cloud-based video conference service is to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations or anything else you want to share from your system.


A video conference service integrates with your online calendar or email and makes scheduling video conferencing simple. When a meeting is scheduled then updates and details for joining the meeting are automatically uploaded to your calendar and sent via email.


This feature allows the conference participants to type or draw on the board and can even upload an image or document. One can highlight or edit on a specific area of images or documents. Some additional functions such as zoom control, pointers and shape are also provided.

Group chats:- 

Video conference services must include an in-app chat tool that allows the user to send and receive messages while attending the meeting. This useful tool helps participants in sharing an opinion without interrupting the speaker.

Cloud storage and Recordings:-

This feature allows you to record and store both video and audio. This is useful for meetings where the big decision is taken, for webinars that include useful training material. It also helps in reviewing the meetings or decision taken while interacting with the client.


Now It’s not hard to say why video conferencing is recognized as a major trend. Video conferencing provides better, faster and cheaper communication. So choose the right video conference service which fits best according to the level of your business otherwise choosing a wrong video conferencing software or trying to integrate incompatible services could end up costing you down the road. 

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