Why Video Conferencing Is Essential For Bringing People Together During COVID-19

Video conferencing is a popular way to connect people.

With the spread of coronavirus, people are in self-quarantine and maintaining the social distance. Schools and colleges have canceled regular classes.

In this pandemic situation, video conferencing is the only way to keep people connected in new and unexpected ways.

In this article, we at VideoEncrypt will discuss several ways through which video conferencing is bringing people closer at all levels.

Business Conference Switched To Video Conferencing 

Many businesses conferences and events are being canceled and postponed due to the spread of coronavirus. Governments in many countries have implemented a total lockdown and people are not allowed to travel and have to maintain social distancing.

Besides total lockdown, video conferencing has made it possible for the business and corporate to schedule their meeting and conference from their home. Now, employees can attend meetings online and can continue their work.

Schools And Colleges Are Conducting Online Classes

In this pandemic situation, schools and colleges are not allowed to open. Many parents were worried about the future of their kids as they were not getting the education for months. In this situation, schools and colleges planned to conduct online classes for their learners. 

Using online courses and live video classes, schools and colleges are now offering online education to their students. Now, students can complete their courses from home and teachers can also keep an eye on their students.

Online Training And Remote Work For Employees

In this situation, employees have been advised to work from their homes. IT employees are mainly working from their homes as well as other sector employees. Corporates are taking these types of decisions to keep employees safe and healthy. Companies are adopting video conferencing services to keep their communications strategies active. 

They use live and on-demand videos to extend the experience of their employees. To keep everyone informed, connected, and productive they are conducting in-person meetings for the remote employees.

Religious Spaces Are Using Virtual Prayers

The spread of coronavirus has hit so hard that people are unable to visit religious temples, churches, mosques, etc. So these houses of worship and other community groups are using video conferencing software to deliver prayers and other ceremonies to the people.

Recently, Pope Francis performed Sunday prayer and it was telecasted all over the world using live streaming software. Like this many religious prayers are being delivered online to the people so that they can participate in the religious activity from their safe places.

Sports Are Being Organized Without Audience

Earlier, we used to visit the stadium to enjoy our favorite game and to increase the confidence of our favorite team. But this pandemic situation has put a full stop on all the activities. Now, sports are being organized without the audience as we are not allowed to participate.

Live streaming has always been a great way to increase the reach of sporting events. Using live streaming we can enjoy our favorite sports from home. This has increased the number of people using the live streaming session. 


To reduce the spread of coronavirus, we have to avoid going outside in the crowds and maintain social distancing. The users of video conferencing, live streaming have greatly increased. Video conferencing can provide an immersive experience in the comfort of your home.

We at VideoEncrypt provide you with integrated video conferencing software for your personal and professional use. It keeps your data safe with advanced encryption technology. 

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