Video Conferencing: Seven Practices To Hangout With VideoEncrypt

Nothing can beat face-to-face video conferencing to bring your team closer.

A secure video conferencing is a top priority for today’s businesses and organizations.

VideoEncrypt provides you a range of options for its users to manage privacy and security and offers a flexible online video conferencing.

Encrypted Video Conferencing 

The VideoEncrypt Video conferencing system provides you secure and encrypted video, audio, presentation in every call. Encryption of your video calls cannot be disabled by the administrator or any user. We secure your conferencing using HLS AES-128 encryption.

We offer you encrypted video conferencing by default and you are not required to do anything to encrypt your conferencing calls.

Password Protected Conferencing

We know the value of your important data and meetings. As an Organizer, you can create a safe and secure video conferencing and meeting with the clients and team members. You can secure your conferencing through a password-protected key.

A password-protected video conferencing protects your valuable meetings and can’t be easily hacked. Your attendees will require to enter the secret password key in order to join the meeting.

Manage your Media Contents

VideoEncrypt conferencing software offers you an integrated platform so that you can easily share your multimedia files like- images, videos, GIFs, etc. while conferencing. We are committed to protecting the digital content you share while conferencing.  

We provide full control to the organizer to manage the security and content sharing settings. As an organizer, you can easily manage the access to files and media contents limited to the specific people while being in the video conferencing.

Instant Chats

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you an instant chat with the attendees. You can chat publicly to all the members while discussing being on the video conferencing. Attendees can also chat with any other attendees without disturbing the conference.   

Your instant chats are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed by any other member. We are keen on providing you the best user experience so that your participants can easily engage in the conference.

Screen Sharing 

Whether you are a teacher, an online trainer or a corporate manager and looking for video conferencing software so that you can share your screen with the attendees to explain some complicated tasks. You are at the right place. 

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows you to share your screen with the attendees. As an organizer, you can also watch the screen of the attendees just by allowing them to share their screen.

Easily Cam Sharing 

Here is some good news!! VideoEncrypt video conferencing software allows you to easily share the cam of the attendees. An unlimited number of participants can join the conference at the same time and at the same time they can share their cam easily.

VideoEncrypt conferencing software allows easy access to the cam of an unlimited number of users. Therefore it is becoming a topmost choice of the many organizers.

Record Your Conferencing

Almost every video conferencing software provides you this recording feature so that you can record your live session and can keep it as a record. Many companies will require you to purchase web storage to store your recorded conference.

The best thing about VideoEncrypt conferencing software is that it uses your system storage memory instead of web storage to store your recorded conference. It creates a video file of your meetings on the local disk of the system.  


Now you have across the various features of our video conferencing software. Instead of confusing with the different conferencing software available in the market. VideoEncrypt conferencing and meeting solutions make you stand out from the crowd. 
To know more about our conferencing software and how it works, you can contact us at [email protected] or comment below.

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