End-To-End Encryption With VideoEncrypt Conferencing Software

The rapid shift to remote work and the distributed teams need more security for the video conferencing software.

End-to-end encryption technology makes your conferencing safe and secure.

In this article, we will discuss how VideoEncrypt makes your video conferencing secure with end-to-end encryption technology.

Encryption To Secure Your Conferencing

Everyone wants a secure video conferencing for their business and organization. Encryption technology has proved and is being at the forefront by business leaders and corporates. With encryption, video conferencing is the right move for the meetings with the employees as well as clients.

VideoEncrypt breaks down your bigger videos into smaller video segments and encrypts each segment by 128bit AES Encryption. With end-to-end encryption your video conferencing can not be threatened, copied, or recorded by any pirated eyes.

Encryption Is Better With WebRTC 

As we have already discussed the WebTRC earlier and we have also highlighted the features and how it makes your video conferencing more easy and secure. VideoEncrypt conferencing software is built on WebRTC that easily works on desktop and mobiles. Act as a web app, it provides a native app-like experience.

WebRTC API allows the insertion of user-defined processing steps that handles media in a WebRTC context. This helps in modifying the media stream at the end of both users using a JavaScript worker. This provides us the opportunity to apply encryption and decryption to the video conferencing and makes it more secure.

Authenticate Your Video Conferencing

End-to-end encryption requires authentication challenges through key code and a unique URL link exchange. The first challenge is how you send your participants a unique key code to join the video conference. The second one is how you exchange a unique URL link to meet the browser technologies that can be easily tackled with just a little bit of code. 

To authenticate end-to-end encryption with the participants you have exchanged keys with is by reading end-to-end encryption in the messaging space during the meeting. This means that your messages and video calls are now end-to-end encrypted and one can access your information from both ends.


Although there is some limitation on the end-to-end video conferencing. When it is applied then the recording of the meeting, PSTN call, and support for the third-party devices will be automatically disabled.

We at VideoEncrypt are providing end-to-end encryption for the group video conferencing meetings. You will be able to choose whether to encrypt their video meetings end-to-end with a one-time purchase.

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