Video Conferencing: To Make Your Workplace A Happy Place

Video conferencing is becoming very popular throughout the way we communicate and collaborate.

Popular video conferencing providers like- Google Hangouts or Skype can not offer video conferencing services with over 20 members.

Video conferencing is a seamless way to integrate your work with other teams and offices of different locations. It keeps everyone on a single platform and establishes a cohesive team goal.

In this blog, we will discuss how to empower your workplace with the video conferencing tool to make it more successful.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Regardless of any type of device used by the different members in the workplace, your video conferencing should work smoothly. It should provide ease in joining them in video conferencing meetings from different geographical locations without downloading an app or a plug-in.

VideoEncrypt conferencing supports all types of devices to connect with teammates in the workplace. Anyone can be the host and start video conferencing by sending a meeting invite link to other teams or members. A member can join the meeting by simply clicking on the invitation link right from their browsers.

High-Quality Video Resolution

Video conferencing calls in your workplace means every coworker can clearly see and hear other members of the team. Your workplace may have many teams and every team can have a number of individual remote members. So a high-quality video resolution is very important in a video conferencing call to meet the compatibility of large and small sizes of conference rooms.

In your workplace, you need a high definition video conferencing solution even in the suboptimal bandwidth and low internet speed conditions. VideoEncrypt is capable of providing you the best possible video resolution quality for your workplace so that every member of your team can get the most from it.

Screen And Content Sharing  

A good and effective video conferencing service is that in which you can present the project details by sharing your screen, files, contents, videos, and slides. VideoEncrypt conferencing allows you to share your content as well as your screen on-the-go right from the web browser. 

You can share screens, contents, files and other media to the different members that are in a conference call at the same time. It does not require any extra storage as it stores the file in the system storage. 

Call Recordings

It becomes quite useful for the members to have a recording of their conference call with the higher authorities. This can help them in completing their projects by watching the video again and again. These video conference call recordings can be shared with the team members who have missed the conference.

VideoEncrypt conferencing allows you to record your important meetings within a single click on the record button. You can easily share your recorded conference call with the team members when the call ends.

Unlimited Number Of Participants

Almost all free video conferencing service providers provide you a limited number ranging from 8 to 10 participants. So it becomes quite difficult for your workplace to conduct a conference call with the entire team. VideoEncrypt allows an unlimited number of participants to join in the video conferencing call. This way we make your workplace a happy place.


Video conferencing is a one-stop solution for your enterprise growth. When you have a globally distributed team, you can keep every team member stay connected with one another. VideoEncrypt conferencing services have all the qualities and provide you a better experience in working together as one unified organization. 

Its abundance features and affordable pricing easily fits in your enterprise. For more information and your queries, you can contact us and comment below to get in touch with us.

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