WebVTT Video SubTitling and

Originated in 2010 by the web hypertext application technology group, WebVTT stands for web video text track and sometimes abbreviated as VTT which is the file extension of WebVTT. 

Web Video Text Tracks Format is simply plain text which is used as a format for displaying timed text tracks such as subtitles or captions using the track element. The primary purpose of using these files is to add text which overlays to a video.

WebVTT enables you to edit the color and font of the captioned text. Not every caption formatting method has the option of editing the appearance of the text; this makes this among the best formats.

How To Create WebVTT File:-

1. Open a new file in Notepad.

2. To start type “WEBVTT” to indicate “.vtt” file and then press enter two times to leave a blank line. You can also include a title or comment before the caption sequence. 

3. Enter the beginning and end time code using the format:

              Hours:minutes: seconds.milliseconds


If you want to add a sequence indicator, such as a “1,” do so on a separate line above the timecodes and then press “Enter”

4. Start your captions from the next line and try to keep about 32 characters limit with 2 lines per caption. This will help viewers in not reading too much and the captions will not take much space on the screen

5. After the last text line press “Enter” two times to leave a blank line and indicate a new caption sequence.

6. Repeat these steps until you have not completed the transcript.

7. After completing, to save the file go to → Save.

8. In “File Name” options type the name of the transcript using “.vtt” in the end.

9. In “Save as type” select “All Files” and then save the file.

10. Now you are ready to upload your captions.

How WebVTT Is Different From SRT:-

SRT (SubRip Text Format) is a simple text file and contains the captions display format for the video which is easy to use. 

WebVTT files require UTF-8 encoding, while it is not required in an SRT file.

In the website you can separate the seconds, mili-seconds with a “Dot” while in SRT you can separate the seconds, mili-seconds with “Commas”

You can add metadata and description in VTT files and it also allows you to add comments using “NOTE” within the frame while in SRT files you can not add the metadata and description.

In SRT files frames are required to be separated by cue identifiers while in WebVTT they are optional.

Why should we use a WebVTT file:-

WebVTT is a popular subtitle format and is also format choice for HTML5 video as it provides greater flexibility. You can also add information such as frame placement, styling, and comments. Some of the common platforms which use WebVTT are Vimeo, Brightcove, JW Player,  Video.js, MediaCore, MediaPlatform, YouTube, etc.

A WebVTT file contains several types of information about the video like-

Subtitles, Captions, Descriptions, Chapters, Metadata, etc.

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