Video Watermarking: Secure Your Live Streaming

video watermarking, we use various methods like- Encryption, Tokenization, and many more to protect our live streaming from the pirated eyes.

No doubt, all these methods provide full security to our live streaming videos but share one common flaw that is when the content is played on the screen then the security is completely zero.

Besides using these DRM technologies, the focus is now shifting toward watermarking technologies to protect live streaming.

In this article, we at VideoEncrypt we discuss how video watermarking secures your live streaming.

Secure Your Live Streaming

As video piracy has moved to real-time streaming, pirated eyes illegally record your high-value content and live streaming sessions. These recorded streaming are easily available over the web and are easily downloadable. To meet this real-time problem we need a real-time tool to combat this problem. Thus, the video watermarking tool from VideoEncrypt has been built from the ground up to deal with content and live streaming piracy.

Increasingly video watermarking is becoming part of the picture when you are losing your revenue and valuable subscribers. The big change comes when a watermarking on your live streaming and video content shows the identity of the original source and somehow if there is any breach in the security then it identifies the source quickly and notifies you. Thus, you can secure your live streaming and can shut down the streaming if a problem arises.

How Video Watermarking Secure Your Streaming

You can use Bitstream modification, A/B variant, and Client-side watermarking methods to secure your live streaming session. Let’s see in detail how these methods help you in securing your live streaming.  

Bitstream Modification 

Video watermarking tools use bitstream modification to place your watermarking name or logo in the selected areas so that the viewer or subscriber can easily identify the live streaming session. Whenever a candidate gets blocked and manipulated then the details are identified on the server-side and their information is sent through a metadata file to the CDN. 

These CDN process the metadata file information and provide your set watermark to the user. Bitstream modification is fast and robust but adds an advantage to your live streaming as it requires a preprocessing stage. Thus using bitstream modification, you can secure your live streaming without any issue in the video quality.

A/B Variant

Primarily used for securing OTT platforms and on-demand videos, A/B variant watermarking easily secures your live streaming sessions by placing your logo and brand watermark over it. Our video watermarking solution uses the A/B variant technique to provide a unique identifier to your live streaming.   

It extracts the watermark logo or name on the live streaming by leveraging on either client-side and over a CDN edge processing. However, the extraction of the watermark logo makes the streaming fully secure as it uses dual approaches. Using the A/B variant for your live streaming can help you in meeting the expectation of a large number of users.

Client-side Watermarking

Client-side watermarking has made it easier to secure your live streaming platforms because of its rapid extraction and lower cost of implications. VideoEncrypt uses client-side watermarking technology to secure your live streaming and online video content. Even various telecasters and online service providers use this watermarking technology to secure their content.  

This type of watermarking can easily be deployed across all the platforms and supports multiple devices. It simply deployed a logo and brand watermark on the videos that are being streamed on the client device. The watermark logo makes it harder for the pirated eyes to re-stream the recorded media as it can be clearly identified.


I hope this article will help you in choosing the right watermarking technology for your live streaming session. As per my point of using a client-side watermarking technology will be the best for your live streaming sessions. We at VideoEncrypt provide you with the video watermarking solution for your live streaming and online videos.

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