Watermarking: Get Started With VideoEncrypt To Promote Your Brand

(Watermarking) “Every brand and company is trying its best to be unique through the images and videos using ads, video platforms, and social sites.”

Maintaining this uniqueness for a long time is a tough task as your images and video can be easily stolen, pirated, or copied by the unwanted source.

Adding watermarks to your images and videos can avoid unauthorized use and promotes your brand and company. 

In this article, VideoEncrypt will help you in getting started with its watermarking software and how it maintains your brand uniqueness and promotes your brand.

How To Get Started With Watermark

VideoEncrypt allows you to create a watermark for videos in seconds.  We provide several options for watermarking your images and video and live streaming videos. You can use your brand logo, image, or other icons as a watermark for your content. You can also use simple, plain, or a designed text for watermarking of your images and videos.

Upload Your Logo

VideoEncrypt watermarking is easy to use. It doesn’t require any skills or a professional to use our watermarking software. You can choose a custom logo from the gallery or you can upload your designed logo for watermarking your content. It consists of a simple two-step process:-

  1. Go to the Design icon from the toolbar.
  2. Click UPLOAD to add your logo. 

After successful uploading of your logo, you can use it in watermarking for your images, videos, and live streaming videos.

Adjust Size And Transparency

We provide great flexibility while placing your watermark logo to digital content. You can adjust the position, size, and transparency of your watermark or logo effortlessly. Use the tools from the slider bar to adjust the size of your logo, transparency level of your logo on the images and videos.

Position Your Logo

With the ease of adjusting the size and transparency level of your logo. Our watermarking software allows you to place your logo or watermark on any of the four corners of the content. You can adjust the watermarking by using the positioning tool to move it around.  until you find the best fit.

How Watermarking Promotes Your Brand

Videos and images are made to be shared across the various platforms to promote your brand and maintain its uniqueness. Placing a logo or watermark on the video and images helps audiences in determining the real owner of the videos or images. In simple words, we can say that the video or images are copyrighted by your brand and can not be stolen or copied by unwanted threads. 

Placing a copyright logo and signature helps your viewers in engaging more. Whenever images and videos are re-shared by the viewers then it promotes your brand along with it. It delivers a positive effect on the minds of the viewers and helps in remembering your brand name.

Build Brand Authority

Adding your watermark to videos can help the viewers in determining the real owner of the video and images. When they find the same brand logo or watermark on the different videos, ads, and images then they take more interest toward your brand. This will help viewers in identifying your brand name and will build trust among them.

Maintain Professionalism

Watermarking makes your images and video content look more professional. It doesn’t affect the uniqueness of your videos and images. Place your watermark on the bottom right or bottom left of your videos and images to give a more professional look to your brand. You can use plain and simple watermarks, designed text watermarks, images, other icons as your logo or watermark to maintain your professionalism among the audiences.

Stand Out During Ads

Even if viewers have their sound turned off, they’ll still be able to associate your ads with your brand, thanks to your watermark. You’ll have a distinct advantage over your competitors who aren’t using watermarks in their videos.

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