Watermarking: Secure Your Digital Content

Do you want to secure all your digital content?

Watermarking is a way to secure your digital content by adding your signature, ownership text, brand logo on the images, videos, PDFs, and Docs.

Today, VideoEncrypt will help you in securing your different types of digital content from unwanted threats.

Secure Your Digital Contents

Nowadays, content creators are more worried about their digital content over the web and want to secure their digital content at any cost. Watermarking is the most suitable and easy method to secure your digital content. You can resize and adjust the transparency level of your logo to make it unobtrusive so that it can’t interfere with your digital content.

Watermarking means placing a visible embedded overlay on your digital content consisting of text, logo, symbol, brand name, etc. to mark your copyright over your content. This way watermarking your digital content helps you in identifying that the content belongs to you.

Image Watermark

Images are easily copied and used by others to promote their product and services. Watermarking your images makes it difficult for someone to use your image without permission. It is generally placed at the corner of the image but you can place it anywhere across the photo.

Image watermarking means embedding a text or logo on your image to claim the ownership of the image. Watermarking helps you in marking reviews of your images across the web and ensures that they are not used in any other work by unauthorized users.

PDF & Docs Watermarking

Watermarking is the most effective way to protect your valuable PDFs and documents files that contain your confidential and valuable information. Watermarking your valuable digital files and documents easily clarifies the identity of the ownership and offers you better traceability against unauthorized access.

It can help you in maintaining your ownership of your documents and files and even if the document is shared, copied, or used without your permission then watermark shows the real owner and helps you in identifying the source of unauthorized access.

Video Watermark 

Videos are the most copied or unauthorized used digital contents by unwanted threats. It can be easily copied and is used to promote others’ brands and services. So it becomes very necessary to protect your videos. Watermarking your video is the easiest way to protect your video from copying and unauthorized uses. 

Watermarking your videos maintains the uniqueness of your video and denotes that you are the real owner of this video. It helps in creating a brand reputation through the logo or name embedded in the videos when the audience watches it on every ad, social site, and across the video platform.

Live Streaming Watermarking

From online courses to feature live video streaming, unwanted threads are everywhere. While being on live streaming it is essential to protect your streaming videos to avoid the loss of content that can reduce your financial income.

VideoEncrypt watermarking software protects your live streaming videos with non-removable, personalized, and visual watermarks. Our watermarking software eradicates the risk of illegal use of your content and also prevents it from unauthorized sharing and makes your streaming safe. 


I hope you have come across the idea that you can secure every type of digital content. It is a helpful tool for adding logos, credits, brand name to your digital content libraries and discourage its unauthorized use. Thus watermarking makes it more difficult for those who claim someone else digital content as their own.

VideoEncrypt empowers you to upload your watermark logo or symbol to make it more personal. You can easily change the position of the watermark to ensure you fit and adjust the transparency level so that it doesn’t cover your important contents.

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