Why Privacy And Security Is Essential For Your Video Conferencing

Remote working has strongly increased during Covid-19 in response to keep businesses and employees connected. 

This demand for increased capacity and broader access to video conferencing for remote working has brought focus on security and data privacy.

Many organizations implemented video in a hurry and didn’t scale and evaluate how providers will handle their data privacy and security.

In this article, we will discuss why security is essential for your video conferencing.

Privacy And Security To Your Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a powerful medium to interact with the people across at affordable prices. Today, video conferencing offers face-to-face meetings in real-time while securing and making it more personal so that it can’t be misguided by the others. Online video conference solutions make use of various internet security and prevent unauthorized access to files and other hardware components to secure your video conferencing.

Keep Your Users Data Safe

Video conferencing software should provide security and privacy to the user’s data and personal information. A user’s personal data consist of basic information, location, IP addresses, contact directory, etc. protecting their data is a way to enhance the user experience and increase your popularity. Investing in a secure video conference keeps your users secure and maintains a relationship with them. If somehow, there is any security breach in your conferencing software then the user will probably think twice before signing on and your existing user might leave you. So don’t let the security of your video conferencing break the trust of your users.

Keep Your Video Conferencing Private

The basic principle of having a secure video conference is that your conferencing can not be leaked or breach by the pirated eyes. A secure video conferencing solution prohibits unauthorized logins and makes sure that no one is listening to your private meetings. Many times we see that online video conferencing is being recorded and hosted on video sites like- YouTube which undoubtedly reduces the revenue of a particular company. Leaking out of personal meetings can cause severe damage to the company. 

Protect Your Conferencing From Pirated Eyes

Reports suggest that cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 trillion. To protect you from data breaches and their associated costs, your video conferencing service should be future proof and can’t be decoded by the pirated eyes. VideoEncrypt conference software is developed using secure development practices, strict information security policies, and protocols according to the industry-standard encryption that can’t be a breach or recorded by the pirated eyes. It is a self-hosted solution that can be easily integrated within an organization’s own network to play a huge role in secure video conferencing.

Share Your Screen Securely 

Many video conferences are now providing the feature to share your screen instantly but don’t provide security and privacy to it. Therefore your screen is recorded easily by the partners or pirated eyes. It is essential to protect the screen sharing too and other windows or files that are currently opened on your personal computer. Make sure that you don’t have open documents, browser windows, or other things on your screen that you don’t intend for others to see while sharing your screen. You can use security features that allow the host to turn off screen sharing or to limit its use.


It is safe to have a secure video conference solution for your organization. Invest in VideoEncrypt secure video conferencing solution that is safe and secure and costs less in money and time as well as build customer relations and brand awareness.

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