Why Video Conferencing Is Essential In Online Education

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular in online education over the past few years.

With video conferencing, you can bring the world into your classroom.

Many online educators are utilizing video conferencing to teach and share life experiences with the learners.

Today we at VideoEncrypt will help you in learning why we should use video conferencing and the benefits of using it.

Why Video Conferencing Is Essential

Education around the world has changed with the advancement in technology. Video conferencing has made classrooms walls invisible and allows learners in easy retention of knowledge as visuals can be easily remembered than words. It allows you to connect with your learners in real-time with the help of live video streaming. 

Video conferencing has removed the limitation over the physical boundaries and allows you to connect with students from all across the globe at the same time. Video conferencing platforms helps you in sharing files and documents easily over the internet.

Benefits Of Using Video Conferencing

Connect And Collaborate Easily

Connecting with your learners creates a level of interaction among the learners. It helps in generating interest in learning and boosts the overall performance of your courses. 

Even schools can collaborate and connect with you to organize teaching training, academic conferences and online education webinars via live video streaming. This form of collaboration not only saves time but also saves money and resources that could have been used by them.

Reduce Cost Of Courses

Video conferencing provides you the opportunity to host webinars, online training events, and business meetings without traveling and reduces accommodation expenses. Inviting an on-site instructor will be less of a hassle to be part of your live webinar process. 

It can evaluate the learners from the recorded conferencing call to the live video conferencing. Video conferencing can be carried out anywhere as long as there is internet access as it accommodates a maximum number of online learners. This way learners remain engaged and have access to your online courses.

Enhance Curriculum 

Gone are the days when online courses offer plain text, charts, presentations, etc. to their training courses. Now with video conferencing teachers are interacting and sharing their screens with the learners for a better and more life-like experience. 

High definition video conferencing enables your courses to provide a better and enhanced course curriculum. Thus improved interactive learning opens up for a wider spectrum of subjects that engages the learners with your courses more than ever before.

Promotes Distant Learning

Learners often have lesser learning options due to the lack of resources. A video conferencing works simply over the internet connection and a learner can easily enroll in a course of their choice, communicate with teachers, or participate in group discussions to get access to some great learning courses. 

They can also enroll in the prerecorded courses that are available in the digital library and can improve their learning experience.

Increased Learners Attendance And Productivity

As video conferencing improves communication and interaction with the learners, learners are more engaged and it increases the productivity of your courses. Problems and confusion are easily solved for the learners and resolution are made more quickly with the help of video conferencing.

It increases the engagement of the learners and has capabilities for all individual learners who want to take your courses when it is easiest for them. This way video conferencing helps you in increased attendance of learners.


In online courses, video conferencing is now considered a necessity. It increases scalability, flexibility to meet your expectations to engage learners with your courses at an effective cost.

At VideoEncrypt we offer video conferencing for ‘whole of business’ solutions that optimize your own training environment and maximize the attendance of learners to grow your business. The video conferencing features easily integrate with your existing platform.

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