Why We Should Use WebRTC And Its Applications

WebRTc is becoming popular and creating a trend among the developers to build web-based communication.

WebRTC is a powerful tool that is becoming the choice of developers for real-time streaming.

It works seamlessly on all the web browsers and mobile devices that support WebRTC APIs.

In this post, we at VideoEncrypt will discuss the various applications of WebRTC and why we should use it for real-time communication.

Why We Should Use WebRTC

WebRTC works easily and is compatible with all the browsers. It does not require any plugins, frameworks, and applications like- Flash, Silverlight, and JavaScript API to make real-time communication between the users.

It offers real-time communication out of the box on any webpage so you don’t require high bandwidth connection. It delivers the best performance due to its lowest latency rate. 

With the help of WebRTC, a user can share or transfer the data easily through this Data Channel which does not require any server or infrastructure. Earlier users have to upload their files to a server, and the recipient user has to download that file.

Various Applications Of WebRTC

Video Conferencing And Meetings

Many service providers are using WebRTC to offer lightweight and browser-based audio and video communications services to users. This will help the user to communicate with one another in real-time. Even enterprises are using this tool to integrate real-time communication for their meetings and presentations. This will reduce the cost of traveling and meetings and will improve customer interactions.

OTT (Over-the-Top) Platforms

Not only video conferencing, WebRTC with its low latency rate and great service are helping the OTT service providers to deliver their videos and contents directly to the users. With its rich communication services, Over-the-Top service providers are using browser-based compatibility to deliver their online videos to the users. This way it is enhancing the OTT service provider by increasing the engagement of the users as well as improving their margins.

Communication-Enabled Websites

With the help of this, you can add video and audio communication features to your website. This will allow users to make video and audio calls in context and in real-time with anyone. This will add the level in the way a user interacts with your website and will improve the customer experience. WebRTC tool adds a new dimension to your old version websites and makes it ready for the future.

Business Communication Process

Business organizations can easily integrate real-time communication capabilities into enterprise websites and Apps that can streamline their workflows and improve communication among the employees. Adding voice and video conferencing features can solve the problem of employees working in the same group projects.

Making Mobile Devices More Smart

Today, almost everyone has their personal mobile device, mobile users now don’t want to install various apps and want to surf on the web to avoid storage issues. WebRTc with its lightweight size allows users to make video conferencing, sharing files, chats like capabilities right from their mobile devices without installing Apps and downloading software. Thus, we can say that has made mobile devices more smart and efficient for users. 


I hope this article has made you aware of the fact that is a powerful tool that not only enhances real-time communication but also can be used for different applications. WebRTC eases the way we communicate and share our digital content. In the coming months, VideoEncrypt is going to introduce WebRTc based services for its users. Stay connected! Be Safe!

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