Working From Home? How To Remain Productive During Conference Call

With the spread of COVID-19, almost every organization has made it mandatory to work from home

The sudden change in employee’s working and their way of communicating with the teams has become a challenging task.

In this blog, we will figure out how to stay focused and productive in a distracting work environment while working from home.

Choose A Dedicated WorkSpace

Choose a permanent place in your house, if possible select a separate room to create a workspace for your daily work. This is the best way to keep your work and home lives separate. If you are a bachelor and sharing a room with your roommates then find a quiet or a silent corner to remain productive during a conference call.

Set rules and boundaries for the members who live in your home or for your roommates about what they can and cannot do while you work. This will help you in finding a high productivity level while being at a video conference call.

Disable Notifications

During working hours always try to put your phone in silent mode. This will help you in putting attention toward your work. If possible try to put your phone on flight mode to avoid hindrance while being at the conference. You don’t need WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and other social media messaging platforms while working as these create a sense of irresponsibility.

Secure Internet Connection

A secure internet connection makes your work more effective and productive while working from home. A high bandwidth internet connection helps to stay connected on video conferencing calls. Take into account the other devices that are accessing the internet at the same time. These connected devices can reduce the speed of your internet connection. Thus a secure internet connection is very important to stay connected.

Quality Conferencing Calls

Video conferencing software helps you in staying connected with your team and organization from home working space. Face-to-face interaction among the team members improves the productivity level of the employees. You can easily connect through video calls and create a conference from any smart device or laptop.  partners and coworkers.  

We at VideoEncrypt provide you the software for quality video conferencing calls. You can create a conference call by inviting an unlimited number of users. Our aim is to provide the best experience for your virtual meetings.

In-Built Chat Tool

Instant messaging apps like- Slack is great for quick conversations to stay connected with your team throughout the working. You can also send texts, GIFs, and videos to make other employees more productive. You can also create groups and channels of employees to work together on specific tasks and projects.

While in video conferencing calls you have to switch in between to send messages to other employees. Therefore, we at VideoEncrypt provide you an inbuilt text-based chatting tool in the video conferencing software to increase the productivity of the employees.

Take Scheduled Breaks  

Working regularly throughout the day can have adverse effects on the physical as well as mental health. So it’s become important to take breaks to continue the conferencing calls and your working time. Take a dedicated 30 minutes or one-hour lunch break when the conference is over to keep your mind fresh. Spending time with your family and friends can increase the productivity of working life. 


I hope this blog has provided you an insight into staying productive during the conference. Try to maintain a regular work routine just like you were going to the office every day. This will help you in maintaining your productivity during working from home.

We at VideoEncrypt make your conference calls more effective so that it can improve the engagement level of the employees and increase their productivity while working from home.

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